Celebrating the Art of Flowers with Willow Crossley

Meet Willow Crossley, a talented floral artist who celebrates colour, pattern and texture. Here we talk to her about her vibrant and colourful approach to flower arranging, her top tips for a brilliant floral display, and how she picks the perfect vase.

How do you choose which flowers to feature in an arrangement? Talk us through your process

I always try and use flowers that are in season and have some great local growers so I’m often led by what they have. The first filter then is probably colour followed by the shape of vase we want to use. Proportionately, the flowers want to be one and a half time the height of your vase so delicate small stems will be happiest in a small bud vase for example whereas large open necked vases will love wild branches.

Do you have a favourite colour palette? For example, bright colours vs neutral

I am drawn to bright, vibrant colours. Nothing makes me happier than a crazy, mad stripy tulip or dahlia. If I’m craving peace and calm I’ll lean towards a green and a white palette which feels very fresh.

When choosing vases, does this inform the flowers you use in the arrangement?

Yes absolutely. There are definitely vases for specific occasions! Simple kitchen table flowers for example lend themselves to a jug or small bud vase; something that can be plonked in with no fuss. For events and weddings, I love using big urns and wide necked vases with chicken wire as the support. These arrangements take much more time and thought to create obviously but can turn out like art works!

For someone with little experience of flower arranging, what would be your number one tip?

Always start small. Start with something like a jam jar or a bud vase where you don’t need too many stems. Find a local grower and play around with seasonal flowers; they are always the most beautiful and last the longest. 

Don’t be daunted by flowers, they are more hardy than they look and there is no right or wrong, go with what you love. The more you play around, the more you’ll love it.

For more floral inspiration from Willow, follow her on Instagram @willowcrossleycreates

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