A Christmas icon since 1759

Add Wedgwood blue to your tree

Inspired by our iconic blue and white Jasperware, our ornaments are ready to hang from your Christmas tree.

Welcome to the birth of a new dawn

Wedgwood's heritage and Greek mythology come together in graceful Helia. We've combined neoclassical notes with inspiration from Josiah Wedgwood's original Jasper trials to create this elegant collection. The 22-carat gold lining brings a touch of the sun's rays to the classic blue and white palette.

colourful and creative foods served on Gio serving and accent plate

Your plate is the canvas, your food the art

Celebrate the Art of Food with the beautiful tactile canvas of Gio and Intaglio. Embossed silky white fine bone china puts your culinary creations centre stage.


Shop our new Gio and Intaglio dinnerware sets, designed to effortlessly showcase exquisite, colourful and creative food.

Our Craft

Using unique heritage materials such as Jasper, luminescent Queen's Ware and fine bone china, Wedgwood continues the tradition of beautiful handcrafted works of art, made with a love and respect for past patterns and techniques, but with a firm eye on future trends.

Our Story

Our story began in 1759. It’s our history of over 260 years
that makes us such an iconic English brand.