2024 marks 150 years of our iconic Florentine pattern, to celebrate this milestone we are launching five new bold colorways, each fine bone china piece is hand crafted by our craftspeople in Stoke-on-Trent, England.

Discover the collection and choose a color that reflects your personality.


From our rich archive, re-imagined for today. Discover a new era of Florentine.

Florentine Fuchsia

Latest reports reveal a new development in the Florentine story. A splash of pink is bringing legendary creatures of myth into the realm of today. The dynamic pop of fuchsia is grabbing the world’s attention with its unique blend of bold statement and playfulness. Breakfasts will never be the same again.


The enlightened, powerful tone of Marine has the energy to carry Florentine’s mythical creatures into the fashion of today. Expressive, rebellious, compelling – and not to be taken too seriously.


The story of Florentine began over a century ago with the arrival of creatures from a world of fantasy. Now, its narrative has been rewritten in a new and inspirational hue. Creativity has been unleashed and a classic is retold in a contemporary shade of thought-provoking Salmon.

Florentine Citron

Discover how Florentine Citron creates an enriching ambience that chimes with personal character. Be gently inspired by the zing of yellow, while uplifted by the light touch of fine bone china.

Florentine Verde

Florentine checks in a splendid new colour. Rich, opulent Verde brings rebirth to a classical design, laying a nurturing backdrop to its mystical creatures. When the destination is retreat, unwind with lush heritage in forest shades.

Florentine Turquoise

Engage in a tradition that dares to defy the ordinary. As relevant now as it was when it first appeared on tables around the world, the much-loved and world-famous Florentine Turquoise originally released in 1931 – a vibrant celebration of myths, legends and fantasies.


We’re proud that every piece of Florentine fine bone china is handcrafted by our craftspeople in Stoke-on-Trent, England – the home of Wedgwood.