Vera Wang wedding gift guide

It can be tricky to say the least to find a wedding gift that you know will blow the happy couple away. Whether you’re simply a guest or an integral cog in the wedding party, finding a gift to say thank you in a thoughtful way can be daunting.

We’ve collaborated with Vera Wang to create a collection of wedding gifts that will be treasured by the newly-weds for a lifetime. Capturing Vera Wang’s sought after, modern design aesthetic and Wedgwood’s quality, craftmanship and innovation, this collection provides a gift you know the couple will love.

“There is certain intimacy in giving a gift, I think that that kind of love, care and thought is what makes a gift so worth giving.” Vera Wang

1. Vera Wang Wedgwood silverware

Our first gift idea is silverware. You can give the gift of toasting with elegant Vera Wang Wedgwood Champagne Flutes or the gift of memories that will be a part of their home forever with a beautiful picture frame. All silverware pieces are silver-plated, with a selection being available for personalisation to add those sentimental words that sum up the lovely couple.

2. Vera Wang Wedgwood tableware

Gifting tableware is known to be quite a traditional wedding gift for those who may not have created a home together yet. Vera Wang Wedgwood tableware gives the opportunity for not only newlyweds that have not begun their tableware collection, but for a new, beautiful and special collection to be welcomed into their home.

Each Vera Wang Wedgwood tableware collection has been crafted with a different bridal style in mind; whether it be Romanticist, Individualist, Modernist or Traditionalist. The collections are also designed to be mixed and matched with different colourations, variations and patterns to encourage creativity and individual style on the table top.

3. Vera Wang Wedgwood glassware

Our final wedding gift idea is a piece of effortlessly beautiful crystal glassware. Buying the new couple a simple yet flawless Vera Bande Bowl or Vase, gives them something that they will adore displaying in their home and that they can use every day.