The Home of Daring Curiosity: Introducing Puno Puno

At Wedgwood we attract eclectic, curious and imaginative people from around the world.

Puno Puno is no exception. An outspoken maximalist, committed to connecting creatives and giving the community a voice through her digital platform ilovecreatives. She empowers artists to grow in confidence and express their individuality. We spoke to her about style, design and of course, tea parties.

Tastemaker Puno and her Wonderlust teacup

Describe your personal style. Where do you seek inspiration?

Grandma chic. Anywhere there are grandmas.
Tastemaker Puno drinking tea from a Wonderlust teacup

Describe your home in four words or less. Where do you take inspiration from for this?

Retro-future on a budget. A friend of mine is the architect of Venn Studio, he tells me all the designers I should search for.
Tastemaker Puno and Wonderlust collection

What does the art of entertaining look like to you? Do you prefer to entertain yourself or others? Large or intimate settings?

Intimate setting and a table full of food. Messy, but interesting and diverse.
Wonderlust collection items on a table

If you were to host a tea party for three people, living or dead, who would they be and why?

Jamie Foxx, Benjamin Franklin and my cat (but she would be able to talk).

See more on Puno's Instagram: @punodostres
Puno and her cat

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