The Home of Daring Curiosity: Introducing Jordan ‘Watts’ Watson

Meet Jordan ‘Watts’ Watson, a visionary digital curator with a content platform dedicated to supporting emerging talent in the field of contemporary art.

Here we speak to him about aesthetics, travel and the art of entertaining.

Watts holding a Hummingbird vase

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Watts, I’m born and raised in NYC and currently live in Los Angeles, I love art in every form.
Watts drinking tea from a Wild Strawberry teacup

Do you like to travel to homes or hotels? Why?

Homes, because I prefer not to be around many people and depending on the home, it has way more character than hotels.

Describe your home in four words or less. Does your interior style match your fashion preferences? Where do you take inspiration from for this?

Clean, colourful, open, plants. Yes, my interior style matches my fashion. Inspiration comes from nature.
Florentine Turquoise teacup at the top of a book pile

What does the art of entertaining look like to you? Do you prefer to entertain yourself or others? Large or intimate settings?

I’m not the best host, I prefer to entertain myself and definitely prefer intimate settings.

See more on Watts Instagram: @love.watts

Watts holding a teapot

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