Welcome to a 21st century renaissance

Decorated with a selection of archival motifs, Renaissance Gold is a classical pattern created for the modern home (after all, timeless design never goes out of fashion). The iconic oval shape of the Wedgwood cameo, the rich cobalt blue, the luxury gold accents and elaborate Florentine patterns all combine to create a collection fit for any dinner table. Feel rejuvenated and get ready to enter a 21st century renaissance.

All that glitters here is gold

This collection isn’t known for its Midas touch for nothing. Renaissance Gold celebrates the most luxurious of all the elements – gold. From the gold detailing in the patterned borders, to the more elaborate golden Florentine shapes on the accent dinner plates, gold is the hero. After all, why have a renaissance without a few decadent riches?

Code mixing on your dining table

Renaissance Gold lends itself well to the art of code mixing. The rich gold and deep cobalt blue, plus striking Florentine accents, adds a 21st century renaissance to any table setting. It can add a bold focal point when mixed with white patterns such as Gio, Intaglio or Wild Strawberry, or provide a colourful partner for more stirking patterns such as Florentine Turquoise and Anthemion Blue.

I get by with a little help from my friends

Renaissance Gold is happy being up front, centre stage and getting all the attention, or playing a more supporting role in a code-mixed selection of colourful patterns. Whatever your eclectic tastes, Renaissance Gold adds a rich accent steeped in history to any home décor. Whether you buy a full table setting for the complete Renaissance Gold look, or a single milk jug to add to your code-mixed breakfast tray, this pattern lends that inspiring neoclassical touch.
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