Miranda Kerr’s Tea Rituals, from morning to night

Afternoon tea parties and social gatherings with delicious tea and cake are lovely, but have you considered embracing tea as a daily ritual?

Creating a ritual out of drinking tea is the perfect way to take a mindful moment for yourself each day. It’s something Miranda Kerr includes in her routine to help her practice inner wellness, and add a perfect blend of calm into her day. 

Here Miranda talks us through her daily tea rituals.

Miranda, can you talk us through your morning tea ritual, what tea do you drink?

I love to have a cup of tea every morning. At the moment one of my favorites is fresh ginger, lemon and honey. I usually drink my morning tea while getting the kids through their morning routines.
Miranda Kerr sitting on her garden stairs enjoying a cup of tea

Do you have a favourite mug to use?

I take my tea in one of my original Friendship mugs as I love the fine gold rim to drink from. My morning tea ritual helps me start the day centered.

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And what about when it comes to nighttime, do you have a tea ritual for that part of the day?

I like to prepare a cup of lemon balm tea at night, it is like a little nightly meditation. I drink the tea as part of my wind down routine, to help relax in the evening before bed.

One of my favorite things to do is have a bath with a cup of tea which I try to do once a week. I tie my hair up, dim the lights, light a few candles, burn palo santo to clear the space, and play some relaxing music (I love Snatam Kaur).

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