Find your perfect pattern for International Tea Day

The 100 Years of Royal Albert collection not only takes you on an exciting journey through time, it also allows you the opportunity to find your perfect style… in a pattern or colour that matches your mood, personality or aesthetic.

Royal Albert 100 years collection afternoon tea moment setting on a table

For vintage-inspired tea moments

Royal Albert Duchess collection teacup and saucer with macarons on
Travel back to the 1900’s, where Regency Blue was first inspired. Featuring a royal blue block of colour, elegant gold detail and understated floral themes, it is wonderful for vintage-inspired homes and bold colour palettes. Or journey just ten years later to find Duchess – echoes of regency style still weave through, mixed with a softer palette of yellow and lilac roses and blue blooms.

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For light and bright tea times

The 1920’s Spring Meadow pattern brought light and bright spring florals to the table – perfect for building positivity in a post-war period. For a bigger injection of colour, take a trip ten years later to the 1930’s where Mint Deco echoed the developing art deco movement adding a welcome dash of vibrancy to the decade. Pretty florals also continued to inspire and uplift in 1940’s with the English Chintz pattern. If you’re looking to style light and bright tea parties, these eras and patterns are simply delightful.

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For celebratory tea parties

Royal Albert inspired tea garden party
The 1950’s celebrated a flourishing Queen Elizabeth era in England, inspiring the soft blue and floral blooms of the Festival pattern. The 1960’s Golden Roses pattern followed on as the nation entered the swinging 60’s. Both colour palettes boast pretty pastels and bold blooms, perfect for English Garden party chic and charming tea celebrations!

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For a nostalgic and floral inspired afternoon tea

Royal Albert 100 years Poppy tea table setting
Playful poppies, romantic roses or a bountiful bouquet of elegant florals - the patterns inspiring the 1970’s to the 1990’s celebrated flower power, romance and elegance. Poppy, Rose Blush and Bouquet are all delightful additions when recreating a nostalgic and well-dressed afternoon tea. Echoes of the past while remaining fantastically floral, bright and beautiful.

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