Butterfly Bloom the journey of Wedgwood teaware

In the middle of the 18th century, Queen Charlotte made the drinking of tea using Wedgwood teaware fashionable among the world’s Royal households. Her love of our teaware led to Josiah Wedgwood being granted permission to style himself ‘Potter to Her Majesty’. Soon after, Catherine the Great of Russia herself ordered a Wedgwood service for fifty people (that’s 944 pieces!) which included hand-painted pieces decorated with scenes of English gardens and countryside.

Over 200 years later, we continue to craft teaware collections that celebrate the most English of traditions, tea drinking. Not only do we design artistic patterns that draw inspiration from our rich heritage, but in the spirit of Josiah Wedgwood and his passion for design innovation, we have created modern classics ideal for mixing and matching at home to create an eclectic décor unique to you.

The golden era of tea

Inspired by the golden era of tea, we opened our Regency archive and selected a variety of whimsical prints to rework for a modern tea experience - leading to the creation of the elegant Butterfly Bloom collection.

The extremely talented artist, Susannah Margaretta Makeig-Jones, joined Wedgwood in 1881 and created some of Wedgwood’s most iconic patterns. Susannah was best known for her 'Fairyland' and 'Ordinary' range of lustre wares and her designs were made up of beautifully intricate butterflies and humming birds with lustre finishes and gold printed decoration. It was Susannah’s artistry and contribution to the Wedgwood archive that provided the inspiration for the Butterfly Bloom pattern.

Featuring a blend of vibrant colours, floral patterns, delicate prints and graceful butterfly’s, the Butterfly Bloom collection has been designed and created to enjoy an indulgent tea experience - whether the occasion is a celebratory tea party or simply an excuse for a mid-morning snack.

Experts in the fine bone china

It isn’t just pattern design and colour combinations that create a truly exceptional tea experience, the material we drink the tea from is just as important. There really is a scientific reason to explain why tea tastes better from fine bone china, although fine bone china looks and feels smooth, under a microscope the material is actually very rough and textured. When tea is poured into a fine bone china teacup, the tea's aroma molecules are smashed open by the china's rocky surface, making the scent and therefore taste more heightened.
Not only does tea taste better from fine bone china, but when it comes to tableware and teaware it’s also the strongest and most durable material. Bone china is a form of porcelain that is composed of china clay, Feldspathic rock and flint and around 50% of animal bone ash. No animals are harmed in the making of fine bona china, all our bone ash is responsibly acquired and gives the china superior strength and translucency.

Crafting pieces using fine bone china ensures that your collections will be at the centre of breakfasts, family dinners, special celebrations and morning cups of tea for many decades to come. When your tea set is handed down to family or friends you can be sure it will be treasured and live on with new memories.

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