Christmas Gift Guide & Ideas For 2023

When buying Christmas gifts for loved ones, it’s important to choose carefully.

It’s a wonderful feeling to buy luxurious gifts for those closest to you. It’s a way of showing your appreciation for everything they do, while providing a lasting reminder of a special moment. Visit our guide to discover unique ideas for luxury gifting this Christmas.

Finding the perfect Christmas gift is all about balance: you want it to elicit the excitement that comes from rarity and uniqueness, but you also want to make sure it doesn’t compromise on quality and refinement.

When buying for people with a discerning sense of style, Christmas shopping can feel tricky. Whether you’re buying for that family member who seems to have everything, or you want to spoil a close friend, this carefully curated Christmas gift guide features items for the home and dining table to delight and impress. Explore our Christmas gift list that will make 2023 a year to remember. 


Add a touch of decadence to the humble Christmas stocking with premium gifts, handpicked for the exceptional people in your life. Great things often come in small packages, and with these extra-special stocking fillers, Christmas morning will feel that little bit more opulent and glamorous.

From exquisitely crafted ornaments to designer drinkware, these stocking stuffers will provide lasting enjoyment:

  • Christmas ornamentsTimeless and elegant Christmas tree decorations make ideal stocking gifts. Ornaments made from materials such as fine bone China can be admired for many years to come and lend a refined aesthetic to your festive decor.

  • Mugs: Mugs make stylish options for small Christmas presents, especially for those who enjoy the ritual of making tea, or creating delicious hot drinks during the colder months. 

  • Tea cupsPassionate tea drinkers will appreciate a designer tea cup with a matching saucer. Just as the flavor of fine wine can be enhanced by serving it in the right glass, the delicate aromas of organic tea are best appreciated from a purpose-made cup. 


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If there’s a special man in your life who always provides loving encouragement and support, Christmas provides an opportunity to say ‘thank you’. It could be your dad, who inspires you to keep striving towards your goals, or your husband, sharing his strength and kindness.

Explore these unique Christmas gift ideas for him to find great presents for men, whether it’s your friend, boyfriend, husband or granddad:

  • Tumblers & Highballs: Fine crystal glasses and tumblers add an opulent sense of grandeur to any celebration, adding visual elegance to the enjoyment of aged scotch and other premium spirits. A great quality glass will also make his Friday evening tipple feel all the more relaxing and rewarding. 

  • Decanters: A well-made decanter fulfils the dual purpose of providing an aesthetically refined statement piece, and bringing out the full complexity of fine wine. Crystal decanters can also be used to display and serve his favourite spirits.

  • Tea: This popular beverage has a rich history. It was the drink of choice of Japanese samurai warriors, and it played a significant role in America’s fight for independence during the Boston Tea Party in 1773. If you know a man who has an appreciation for the finer things, tea gift packs make excellent presents. 

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Christmas Gifts For Her

When you really want to show her your appreciation, a Christmas gift from a designer brand is a great way to make a lasting impression. It’s perfect for commemorating her achievements over the year, highlighting your admiration and celebrating her being in your life.

These sophisticated statement pieces make superb Christmas gift ideas for a friend, sister, girlfriend, wife or grandmother:

  • Vases: A home that’s filled with fragrant seasonal blooms is as welcoming as it is beautiful. An exceptional vase is like a piece of classical art, creating a graceful focal point to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room.

  • Champagne glasses: Whether she prefers contemporary designs with clean lines, or more traditional glassware with baroque trimmings, a set of fine crystal champagne glasses always makes a gorgeous gift.  

  • Cake stands: Baking and cake decorating are at peak popularity right now, with designer cake stands featured in countless Christmas gift guides for her. If you’re buying for someone who loves creating edible works of art, a decorative cake stand is certain to make her feel loved.  

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Christmas Gifts For The Host

If you know a talented home chef who loves hosting luxurious lunches and dinner parties, a quality gift for the kitchen and dining table is certain to be well received. Here are some decadent ideas for Christmas gifts for the social butterflies in your life, providing the ultimate fusion of functionality and high fashion. 

  • Serveware: Beautiful bowls and serving plates are essential items for anyone who enjoys inviting their nearest and dearest round for gourmet feasts. After all, we eat with our eyes first, with the presentation of food adding to the pleasure of eating. 

  • Drinkware: Drinkware is absolutely essential when it comes to hosting any special event. It’s been proven that the shape of a wine glass affects the taste of wine, so if you’re buying for someone with refined sensibilities, quality is key. 

  • Dinner Sets: People who entertain often usually own a variety of dinner sets in different styles. This makes it possible to create different atmospheres when hosting – from classic and formal, to a more relaxed atmosphere. Gifting a dinner set will give your host more options when it comes to creating a breathtaking table setting. 

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Personalised Christmas Gifts

If you’re looking for Christmas gift guide ideas that are especially thoughtful, consider adding a personalised touch. Premium crystal objects can be engraved with your loved one’s name, or perhaps an important date, to create a one-of-a-kind gift to be treasured.
  • Monogram: The initials of your favorite person can be added to fine crystal glassware, so they can reflect with warmth upon your gesture every time they enjoy a glass of wine, champagne or cocktail. 

  • Message: By engraving your present with a short personal message, you can make a gift of fine piece of glassware even more special.

  • Couples Engraving: If you’re buying a Christmas gift for a couple celebrating their recent engagement or marriage, a pair of engraved crystal glasses is perfect. Engraved wine glasses also make gorgeous Christmas gifts for married couples who have recently celebrated a significant milestone or anniversary. 

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