The Art of Entertaining, at Christmas

At Christmas, if we are lucky, we get to be the hosts. We get to invite others into our home to eat and drink, to catch up and play games, and, of course, to give gifts. But this year has been like no other, so what better time to refresh and add to your usual Christmas traditions? Join us as we explore and celebrate festive traditions from around the globe.

Timeless traditions mixed with the latest ideas. The foods, the gifts, the wrapping techniques. The decorations, and the tree. And, at the center of it all, the set table. After all, how a table is set says so much about a host, their culture, their style, their taste.

Mariana from New York

What’s Christmas to you in a Nutshell?

Christmas for me is family time, tight hugs, dancing and keeping the magic alive for my kids who wait for Santa all year long! I grew up in Brazil and have the best memories of a summertime Xmas. In the past few years, we spent Xmas in NY and my parents, sister and in-laws all come to visit us and I really enjoyed creating memories by the fireplace, playing in the snow (if we are lucky!) and enjoying some time with our loved ones!

Mariana Marcki-Matos

Ivy from China

Tell us about the foods you always have, either traditional or non-traditional

During Christmas time, I usually go to a friend’s house or out to a restaurant where we would have western style food like my favourite, steak with red wine. This year I hope to roast my own Christmas turkey.

Ivy Leung

Marianne from London

What Christmas tradition do you have that surprises other people, especially friends from other countries?

I have lots of great joyous wedding decs I bought in India, so decorating is not at all conventional and it looks like we are having a party.

Marianne Cotterill

Tali from Australia

What’s your secret Holiday indulgence? 

Dipping latkes in apple sauce and cream (a very American [and delicious] way to eat latkes).

A favourite gift you’ve given or received? 

I love anything handmade and anything spontaneous and thoughtful. Any home décor really works for me as I love having a story behind everything I own.

What’s on your wish list this year?

My wish list this year is different to most. After the kind of year we’ve had, ALL I want is to have a peaceful and restful summer! I would love a night away in a hotel with my husband.

Tali Roth

Stacie from New England

The most entertaining place I've stayed for Christmas: 

A small, ski-in ski-out chalet high atop a mountain in Kitzbühel,  Austria. Since it wasn't accessible by road my husband had to ski in our Christmas tree on his back!

What are the traditions you look forward to the most? 

On Christmas morning we stay in our festive pajamas we received the night before, eat a wonderful brunch then sing carols together as a family before opening presents. There are always dogs running around barking as we sing and it's such a riot!

Stacie Flinner

This festive season, Wedgwood will be talking to five different Tastemakers from around the world to show and tell what ”The Art of Entertaining, at Christmas” means to them. Follow our Instagram and keep an eye on our website to find out more and feel inspired this Christmas.