The Home of Daring Curiosity: Introducing Lourdes Hernandez

Meet Lourdes Hernandez, a Spanish indie folk singer songwriter and multifaceted artist, writer and actress. Bold and stylish, she embodies the youthful attitude, expressive personality and eclectic aesthetic of Wedgwood.

We talk to her about interiors, inspiration, indulgences and more.

Lourdes Hernandez holding a Hummingbird tea cup

Describe your personal style. Where do you seek inspiration?

My personal style is eclectic, colourful and could fit in many different eras. More than seeking inspiration, I find it - I feel in specific ways that I find it unconsciously through my style and choices.
Lourdes Hernandez enjoying tea and playing scrabble

What do you find to be indulgent? What's your guiltiest pleasure?

I’d say I indulge in shoes and art books. My guiltiest pleasure lately has been the TV show Cobra Kai!

Favourite corner of your home? Design touch you're most proud of?

I like my bookshelves a lot because I use them as a mood board. I place different objects, photos, books and plants in ways that inspire me and I change it around every other day.
Lourdes Hernandez hand on a Hummingbird teapot

What does the art of entertaining look like to you?

My essentials for entertaining are: prepare some nice food and drinks before the guests arrive, find a moment to relax and finally, jump in the pool! Everybody has fun when the host is having fun! I like medium gatherings, eight to twenty people is my sweet spot.
Lourdes Hernandez on a sun bed with her dog

If you were to host a tea party for three people, living or dead, who would they be and why?

Miranda July, Paul Thomas Anderson and Kandinsky.

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