Get to know Claire Luxton

A British multi-disciplinary artist working with photography, installation, poetry and painting, Claire drew inspiration from our six new Wonderlust patterns to create her own world of wonder, a multi-dimensional installation artwork featuring live animals and fantastic florals.

Claire Luxton portrait photo

We speak to Claire to find out more about the personality behind this magnificent piece, her creative process, and of course, what her favourite tea is.

Welcome to the (tea) party, Claire Luxton!

Our Wonderlust patterns planted the foundation for this artwork, but where else did you draw inspiration from to develop this piece?

I took a lot of inspiration from historical travel, maximalist interiors and classical music.

Talk us through your process - how do you progress from the first idea to the final piece?

Claire Luxton and Wedgwood's Hummingbird vase

This can be a long process that happens in a number of different stages.

Research, sketches and planning, material and animal sourcing, shoot schedule, studio shoot days with botanicals followed by animals, and post-production.

The research and planning stages are possibly the most important. This is where everything abstract becomes a more tangible construct and without this the execution won’t be there. I love sourcing all my materials and shoot scheduling, it’s like a treasure hunt that I find very satisfying. 

The Wonderlust shoot was very time sensitive as I’m working with live animals and fresh botanicals, so everything had to run on time. I always leave as much time as possible for post-production, this is like sculpting to me and you need to fine tune the image so it sings.

Which creature do you love most from your mural and why?

I love them all, but I have to say the frogs. Each one has their own personality and I love how they draw you around the mural and encourage you to explore.

How did you pick these curious creatures?

Claire Luxton mural colours
I firstly got inspiration from (Wedgwood) archive patterns, but this then developed into my own research into animal meanings in different cultures. I picked a number of Japanese butterflies, and the frogs had many positive meanings including prosperity and new journeys.

Which is your favourite Wedgwood Wonderlust pattern?

Golden parrot for sure. When I first saw it in real, the life, the mix of the colours and pattern play just caught my eye.

Explore Golden Parrot pattern

In three words, how would you describe the Wonderlust collection?

Wonderlust new patterns in front of a light red wall
Evocative, majestic, dreamy.

How would you describe your own personal interior style? Does this style feed into your artwork?

I would describe my own personal interior style as eclectic. I lean towards a level of scandi minimalism, I’m very much drawn to clean lines, organic shapes and natural materials. But I also love to bring in either historic or collected objects that I have from travel. I feel this adds to the story and texture. I think as my practice develops, more of my personal aesthetic feeds into my work.

What does Wedgwood mean to you?

I’m a massive history geek, so for me Wedgwood has such a rich heritage. When I think of the brand I think, craftsmanship, I think of wonderful dinner parties and mostly stunning design.

And of course, what’s your favourite tea?

Redbush has to be my favourite. I’m sadly totally decaf and this is the best! But I miss green tea.


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