Miranda Kerr celebrates International Friendship Day

On 30th July we join in celebrating International Friendship Day, and what better way to mark the occasion than with Miranda Kerr and her wonderfully sentimental Friendship Collection for Royal Albert.

Miranda Kerr and her Royal Albert teaware collection

We catch up with Miranda to see how she plans to spend the day, how she celebrates long-lasting friendships, and what she says about the delightful gift of bonding over tea!

We hope it will give you and your BFF’s some much needed inspiration for how to spend the day, as well some ideas to celebrate friendship throughout the whole year, with small yet meaningful gestures.

Let’s talk to Miranda:

How will you be celebrating International Friendship Day this year, who will you be spending it with?

This International Friendship Day I will be spending the day with one of my best friends Liesl, having a tea party!

Tell us three words to describe your perfect tea party with friends.

Flowers, fresh fruit platter, cake.
Royal Albert serveware

Do you prefer to host, or be the guest?

Be the host!

If you were planning a ‘friendship’ date, what would your ideal day with friends be like?

My ideal day for a friendship date would be starting the day with a brunch tea party and then having a spa day with massages and facials!
Colourful and floral Miranda Kerr teaware collection

Your best friendship tip: tell us about a small but significant thoughtful gesture you like to make?

Sending flowers and a thoughtful note randomly to brighten someone’s day.

Would you agree that magical bonds can be made over a cup of tea?

 Yes, it is so great to bond over a cup of tea!
Hands holding a Miranda Kerr for Royal Albert blue mug
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