At Royal Albert, we love the timeless designs of fashion trends from the past century, so we’ve teamed up with Catherine Carton aka Dainty Dress Diaries to run through her favourite patterns from the 100 Years of Royal Albert collection.

Fashion trends through the decades

Over the past year, I have become more conscious when it comes to my wardrobe and my style. I have been buying less and trying to upcycle more. I am a lover of upcycling in my home, but I’d like to use my sewing machine more to recreate items for my wardrobe. I have teamed up with Royal Albert to show how you can use pattern trends from decades past as inspiration for your current wardrobe. Whether it’s getting inspiration from the Downton Abbey glamour days of the 1920s, or recreating the feminine silhouettes of the 1940s, you’re sure to find a decade you’ll be inspired by.

Keep calm and stick the kettle on

Vintage lovers will love the 100 Years of Royal Albert collection. There are loads of adorable tea sets from as early as the 1900s to the 90s. My favourite decade is the 1940s as I am a massive fan of period dramas. I love the hourglass silhouettes, higher waists and A-line skirt shapes that the women of this time wore. It is easy to recreate looks from this era – when shopping in second-hand shops, keep an eye out for circle skirts, high waist items and tailored pieces. I picked up some sewing patterns recently with shapes inspired by the 40s and 50s which I’ll use to upcycle old fabric into new garments.

The glamour of the roaring twenties

I also have a soft spot for the 1920s and 30s. The Roaring Twenties looked so glamorous and it reminds me of ‘The Great Gatsby’. To recreate the 1920s look, keep an eye out for looser dresses with drop waists, plus slip gowns with beading and embellishments. You can also style an old dress with accessories to get that Golden Age of Hollywood look using headbands, feathers, beads and vintage jewellery. You can just imagine the glamorous ladies sipping from the Mint Deco tea set over afternoon tea.

Get the boho style

If you prefer the boho style of the 1960s and 70s, then fear not as you can reuse old maxi dresses, styled with a fringed bag and long necklace for a relaxed boho look. Why not go through your wardrobe and see how you can restyle old garments into new outfits? You could also swap clothes with friends or check out online marketplaces to get pieces that are new to your wardrobe.

Upcycle your way through 2020

I hope I’ve given you a little inspiration. My goal for 2020 is to breathe life into old items in my wardrobe and get creative to upcycle old pieces into new. Let me know what your favourite decade is when it comes to fashion. My favourite pattern from the 100 Years of Royal Albert collection has to be the 1940s English Chintz. My brother gifted me some of the English Chintz pieces for Christmas, and I love the pretty floral pattern.