Celebrating 60 years of Old Country Roses: behind the iconic pattern

Our beloved Old Country Roses pattern was first introduced in 1962. Inspired by an English cottage garden and steeped in heart-warming nostalgia, it’s remained a best-seller for a reason.

A sweet cake with gold 60 candle on

Where it all began

Sweets cakes and macarons on a floral plate

Old Country Roses was designed by Harold Holdcroft, Royal Albert’s Art Director at the time. He based his design on the 1921 Royal Albert King’s Ransom pattern, while drawing additional inspiration from the rich colours and fragrant roses in full bloom in an English cottage garden.

Harold developed the Old Country Roses pattern using both rich and soft colours, combining lush deep red roses with warmth from a peach tea rose, and delicacy from the blush pink, accentuating the composition with rich green foliage.

Floral teaware setting to celebrate 60 years

Further enhanced by the traditional Royal Albert Montrose shape, with its attractive scalloped edges and twisted and curled detailed handles, this quintessentially English classic collection was born.

Brilliant gold stippling and 22-carat gilded rims complete the design, creating one of the most exuberant expressions of Royal Albert’s acclaimed century-long, floral tradition. Overwhelmingly popular throughout the world, Old Country Roses is regarded as the epitome of fine English teaware.

Harold Holdcroft: the creative mind behind Old Country Roses

“We decided to Incorporate all the ingredients we knew would be acceptable, richness of colour, softness of colour, good quality and a good value look. All these elements are incorporated in the pattern. It has lush deep red roses, warmth from the tea roses, delicacy from the bluish Pink and an overall softening off of the pattern by using a soft shade of green.”  – Harold Holdcroft

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Join us as we celebrate 60 years of this wonderful pattern, and be sure to share your 60th celebration pics on Instagram @royalalbertengland. It’s the perfect excuse to get your Old Country Roses tea set out!