Bridgerton inspired wedding décor guide

Our signature Wedgwood Blue and the world of Bridgerton go hand-in-hand.

The setting for the Netflix show was heavily influenced by our timeless colour palette, and it’s for this reason we can provide some inspiration for Bridgerton themed wedding décor. Join us as we explore ways you can add a little ‘regencycore’ into your special day, for an elegant aesthetic that is sure to stand the test of time.

1. Include the Wedgwood blue colour palette

Sheila Bridges colourful collection for Wedgwood

Our iconic Wedgwood Blue was born while our founder, Josiah Wedgwood, was developing Jasperware. He underwent many pain-staking trials to craft the material, and the colours and hues he experimented with were heavily influenced by neo-classical design trends at the time. The signature pastel blue colour he eventually decided upon has proven to have timeless appeal, being a regular addition in home décor, fashion and, of course, weddings across the globe. 

  • As such, our Magnolia Blossom vases are a popular choice for wedding centrepieces, and they are perfect when styling a Bridgerton inspired wedding. The material is iconic and recognisably Wedgwood, the intricate detailing of the white petals adds a lightness, and the Wedgwood blue colour complements many popular wedding colour palettes for fantastic and striking floral arrangements. 
  • If you would like to embrace the full Wedgwood Blue colour palette, explore our popular Florentine Turquoise teaware collection. The teacups themselves have even featured in the hands of Bridgerton characters…

2. Embrace ‘China tablescapes’

Wonderlust collection items on a table

Another important element to successfully achieve the perfect Bridgerton theme, is to embrace the art of creativi-tea! 

  • Vintage fine bone china tea sets work wonderfully to create perfect ‘china teascapes’. Embrace the tea aesthetic that is so popular in Bridgerton, and use timeless Wedgwood patterns to add creativity, colour and curiosity to your wedding dining table.
  • Mix and match patterns from our Wonderlust collection, feature the Grandmillennial aesthetic of Wild Strawberry, or contrast pale blues with the vibrancy of Hibiscus. Alternatively, mix older Wedgwood pieces with new for a truly eclectic feel.

3. Craft unique wedding cake displays

Wild Strawberry teaware

You’ll surely be aware that any Bridgerton inspired wedding should embrace extravagance and luxury. Consider placing your own Wedgwood twist on this when planning your special day. Extravagance doesn’t need to mean larger-than-life tiered cakes, instead, why not take inspiration from pretty, pastel tones and experiment with tiered cake stands and cupcakes? 

  • Tiered cake stands hold a wonderful amount of potential for unique displays. Create floral creations with the icing, craft lace-inspired cupcake holders for added elegance, experiment with layers of pastel tones for a striking display, and of course, don’t be afraid to tower high.

4. Afternoon tea is a wonderful addition

Colourful teaware in a spring inspired table setting

As touched upon earlier, tea is an essential part of any Bridgerton themed wedding! It’s decadent, delightful and adds a generous splash of opulence to the occasion. 

  • Beautifully patterned tea pots can be mixed and matched on different tables for an elegant variety.
  • Teacup shapes and patterns can also be blended to provide an extravagant array – our Wonderlust teacups are beautifully decorated, finished with luxurious gold-banding and have been crafted in a delicately unique shape to delight for special occasions such as this.
  • And of course… what is afternoon tea without mouth-watering sweet treats and delightful culinary creations? Serving platters work well as focal points on dining tables to showcase your delicious feast, beautifully complemented by patterned serving trays.

At Wedgwood we do believe that one mustn't deprive themselves of the finer things in life, especially when celebrating a special occasion such as a wedding. For those of you who would like to insert a little Bridgerton luxury into your day, we hope this inspires you to make your Bridgerton inspired wedding a stunning reality.