Wedgwood's style guide for Grandmillennials

Welcome to Grandmillennial style. Explore the recent trend and embrace the eclectic interior stylings built on floral patterns, vintage aesthetic, nostalgic moments, and of course, fine bone china tea sets.

Tastemaker Puno and her Wonderlust teacup

What is Grandmillennial style?

Lourdes Hernandez enjoying tea and playing scrabble
Grandmillennial, a term coined quite recently, to describe a personal style rooted in traditionalism, whilst also maintaining a modern and on-trend twist. Reserved not only for fashion, but interior styling too.

Sounds both interesting and impossible, but it works, especially given the recent Bridgerton craze. Think pattern-on-pattern, fine bone china tea sets, table cloths with scalloped edges, embroidery, Chinoiseries, and vintage finds. 

An eclectic mix you'll agree, but then again, eclectic and curiosity is the essence of Wedgwood… so let's explore further.

How to achieve the Grandmillennial look?

Wedgwood grandmillennial style Wild Strawberry teacup
Occasionally described as a ‘New Traditionalist’, the Grandmillennial style can be achieved by tapping into that loving, nostalgic feeling of home. Think Grandma’s tea set, but it’s now considered in style.

Layer pattern and colour

It’s a chance to challenge neutral trends, and add a little (or a lot) of colour. Layers of pattern (and personality) are the goal, in contrast to clean, simple and light rooms.
New Wonderlust pattern plates
Wonderlust teacup in front of a floral wallpaper

Embrace your creativity

Chintz, floral wallpapers, patterns, heirlooms, crochet, toile - the list is endless, but the beauty of the Grandmillennial trend is that there is so many creative avenues to explore, meaning you will be sure to find a style that suits you.
A fine bone china tea set and some iconic Wedgwood Blue is of course a ‘grand’ place to start.

Colour code your Grandmillennial style

Tastemaker Puno and Wonderlust collection
Colour coding is not essential in the Grandmillennial trend, as the style paves the way for a lot of freedom and expression, but it can be a good starting point.

Find an accent colour which will allow you to mix and match patterns and texture.

The Wonderlust collection is perfect for this, opt for Yellow Tonquin for a colour that can be code-mixed with other styles, shapes and patterns. Or explore our six new Wonderlust patterns and take green accents from Emerald Forest, or blue colour notes from Sapphire Monkey.
Wonderlust teaware on a floral table cloth
Magnolia Blossom vase as part of a mixed and matched table setting

Add a little Wedgwood Blue

Our very own Jasperware, specifically Wedgwood Blue, is a staple in some Grandmillennial settings. The ornate features, historical links, and the love and adoration Wedgwood collectors have for the vintage pieces mean they fit well into this interior style. The Bridgerton set, which is steeped in Grandmillennial and ‘Regencycore’ style, was also designed based on our iconic Wedgwood Blue

The Wedgwood Blue Magnolia Blossom vases are ideal for injecting the blue and white colour palette, as well as fitting the floral theme – another key staple.

Display your tea sets as decoration

Wedgwood Wild Strawberry teacup and saucer
A beautiful fine bone china tea set is an essential piece for any tea enthusiast. If you already have quite the collection, why not put it on display? Elegant tea sets can also make for wonderful interior decorations, especially in a Grandmillennial themed home, showcased in vintage cabinets or atop classic mahogany tables.

If you're just beginning your tea collection, explore our vast range of teaware and discover a pattern and style that expresses your personality. Why not start with Wild Strawberry?
A blue patterned teacup on a pile of books

Show off your individuality and creativity

Wedgwood grandmillennial style teacups
The beauty of Grandmillennial style is that it has the power to showcase your uniqueness. It takes different eras, styles, colours and patterns, merging them all to create an aesthetic that is individual and oozes creativity.

After all, as we say at Wedgwood… life’s too short to be black and white, add a little colour. 

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