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Wedgwood Prestige Hummingbird

Wedgwood Prestige Hummingbird

Celebrate craftsmanship and the wonder of nature with Wedgwood's Hummingbird collection.

Made in England and hand-painted by skilled Wedgwood artisans, Wedgwood’s Hummingbird collection celebrates the exquisite birds within their natural environment with colorful botanical landscapes in bold shades. Hummingbirds have inspired Wedgwood designers for over two centuries and the reference can be dated back to Wedgwood’s first series of 18th century pattern books. This same drawing that inspires the design team today had a famous luster revival in the early 20th century by renown Wedgwood designer Daisy Makeig Jones. Truly a bird of natural beauty, the hummingbird symbolizes joy and playfulness. Known to be independent, resilient and uplifting, the hummingbird is also the perfect symbol for living life to the fullest.

Accented with 22-carat gold and beautifully presented in Wedgwood’s premium black and gold gift boxes, Hummingbird offers a striking setting with additional serving accessories for dinner or afternoon tea. Each piece also includes an additional design element on the underside, where a Hummingbird and botanical feature alongside the branding and pattern name.

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