Welcome to nature with the White Folia collection

Welcome nature into your home, without the bugs. Four new pieces spring into the White Folia collection – introducing the Large and Small Lithophanes, and the Single Wick and Three Wick Filled Candle. Sit back and relax with the soothing qualities of candlelight combined with subtle natural fragrances all designed to add a touch of zen to your living room.

White Folia vase and mini pots

Bold contrast, lush designs

Inspired by the calming influences of nature to create a relaxing sanctuary in your home, White Folia features lush linear designs (inspired by patterns from our archives) fused with the silky white translucency of fine bone china.

Watch the lithophanes spring to life when a lit candle is placed inside and the hypnotic flickering of candlelight shines through the translucent fine bone china to highlight the organic patterns.
White Folia collection candles

A taste of the wild outdoors

Light the filled candles and take five as the natural green tea and bamboo scents fill the air, capturing the spirit of a traditional bamboo garden and encouraging a feeling of relaxation and wellness. Brew a pot of tea, grab your favourite book and prepare to relax in a verdant paradise.

Welcome nature in your home

Each piece in the White Folia collection features individual patterns and motifs that contrast bold graphic leaf forms with delicate and understated ones.See how our Tastemaker, Alex Eagle, has mixed and matched the contemporary designs with vintage and found decorative items throughout her home. 

Get back to nature, breathe a breath of fresh air and welcome the great outdoors into your home with White Folia.

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