Rachel Chudley: Welcome to eye-catching contrast

Rachel Chudley knows a thing or two when it comes to creating eye-catching interiors through colour, texture and pattern. She is known for her distinct use of colour and texture to produce creative interiors. At odds with formalised style, her work reflects its environment and inhabitants, with their quirks, passions, and humour. We caught up with her in her home to talk about using bold patterns around the home.

Bold patterns. Bold choices. Bold life.

"I love the freedom of the maximalist style," Rachel tells us. From her East London studio, she works closely with artists and designers to build truly unique interiors. This unique style is evident all around her home.
A code mixed table setting by Wedgwood's tastemaker Rachel Chudley
Layering Cornucopia with Arris, and adding objects from her life and travels, Rachel creates a tablescape that is a feast for the senses. More is more when it comes to maximalist styling.
Renaissance Gold collection visible in tastemaker Rachel Chudley's home

Putting your own stamp on your home

At Wedgwood, we believe the best patterns and designs to use in your home are the ones you love, after all, there are no rules when it comes to styling.
Hummingbird vase as part of tastemaker Rachel Chudley's interior
"Have fun, follow your gut," Rachel tells us. Hummingbird vases in the kitchen? Go ahead. A Cornucopia Covered Vegetable Dish on a dresser? Why not? If you feel the pattern works, then there’s nothing holding you back from using it in the most unusual of places.
Home decor at Wedgwood tastemaker Rachel Chudley's home

Your tastes matter most

Meals with family and friends are a great time to show off your unique tabletop styling, but you don’t need company as an excuse to use patterns, colours and textures to elevate dinner. Mixing and matching colour and design can make your everyday that little bit more special.
A code mixed table setting by Wedgwood tastemaker Rachel Chudley
Vegetables taste fresher, fruit that bit sweeter and colours become even more vibrant when served on beautiful fine bone china. Whether it’s breakfast for one, brunch for two or an extravagant meal for the whole family, your tableware is the perfect way to let the creative side of your personality.
A code mixed table setting with Renaissance Gold and Florentine Turquoise
"I think originality is very important - and it is everywhere!" Rachel says. Originality can be as simple as mixing boldly patterned fine bone china with ornaments and trinkets you’ve collected through life. There are no rules here, so let your imagination run wild.
The home of Wedgwood tastemaker Rachel Chudley