Tips for Planning the Perfect Christmas Day

My, my, my. What a year it’s been. The turbulent rollercoaster that is 2020 is now beginning to come to the end of its bumpy ride and slow down from lightning speed, arriving peacefully and (hopefully) smoothly at our favourite time of year - the festive season.

A Christmas table setting with Wedgwood's Winter White collection
The world may never be the same after the global events of 2020, but if that means one thing, it’s now the time to embrace new traditions and have a Christmas like never before. 

With everything this year has thrown your way, your family and friends deserve to have a fantastic Christmas that’s full of the happiness, joy and laughter as any other Christmas would be, even though it may look a little different with less people at your Christmas dinner table.
A code mixed Christmas table setting by Wedgwood

It's time for festivities with a twist

However, the 2020 festive season is the time for festivities with a twist. You may not be able to have all the usual suspects at your Christmas dinner table, but will you set a tableware place for the laptop that has them calling in via Zoom?

See below some tips from Wedgwood on how to create that perfect Christmas day.

A Christmas dining table with a twist

No matter if you are going for glam and sparkle or keeping it more cozy this Christmas, choosing the right pieces for your Christmas table sets the tone for your Christmas day. Find inspiration and read more on how to set the perfect Christmas table this year.
Christmas canapes served from Wedgwood's serveware

Get creative and step up your canapé game

You may be socially distanced at your New Year’s canape party, but what gorgeous tableware pieces will you use to fill the necessary space between your loved ones? We encourage to be creative and in terms of serving your Christmas canapés, try to mix and match your serveware to add colour, texture and intrigue to your table. Read more about how to serve your divine Christmas canapés.
Wedgwood Globe glassware and Renaissance Red tableware in a table setting

Popping the bubbly

Don't forget the moment of popping the Christmas champagne! This is the perfect moment to share with friends and family. Everyone can pop a bottle of their favourite champagne and then together reflect over the greatest moments during the past year. Read more about how to mix and match your champagne glasses and find inspiration on how to make this moment more special.

Celebrate the end of 2020 this festive season with Wedgwood

Let’s not beat around the bush - it hasn’t been the most fantastic of years. But although this Christmas may be different, there’s no reason not to make it spectacularly different.

Christmas canapes served on Wedgwood's Wonderlust collection serveware

Here at Wedgwood, we create our products by embracing the new and exciting, as well as a deep respect and love for the past and our history… and that’s what this Christmas is going to be all about.

Get inspired this Christmas by mixing and matching Wedgwood pieces that represent your true style. Gone are the days of following the rules of what’s trendy when it comes to Christmas. 2020 threw away the rule book, so go ahead and create your own unique style by combining pieces that represent a rich heritage with brand-new pieces that showcase just how colourful Christmas can be.