Campbell Rey: Welcome to no rule styling

When it comes to interior styling that rips up the rulebook and throws it away, our Tastemakers, Campbell-Rey, know a thing or two. Their eclectic aesthetic is obvious when you look around Duncan Campbell’s North London apartment – we caught up with Charlotte and Duncan there to ask them a few questions.

Where we're going, we don't need rules

“One of the benefits of Instagram is that people can see for themselves how unique everyone’s styles are, and they can grow in their confidence in making their own informed decisions,” Charlotte suggests.
If you’re transforming your home décor from minimalist to a more eclectic design, it’s best to start with small objects and start adding to them as your unique style grows.

“We like a lot of decorative objects, small things that can really change a room and you can take them out or move them round depending on your mood,” says Duncan.

Colour and style throughout the home

Mixing and matching bold accents of colour with interesting patterns and textures around your home can add unique focal points.
Duncan suggests that “if you’re just starting out and trying out a more expressive interior in your own home, it can be fun to start gently and use fabrics on smaller things like cushions, lampshades or throws before taking bigger steps like a whole sofa that you might regret.

Make a house a Wedgwood home

With over 260 years of design innovation and rich patterns to draw from, we’ve been a colourful addition to people’s homes for nearly three centuries.

“I remember seeing a collection of Wedgwood’s Jasperware at the V&A when I first moved to London and loving the contrast between playful colours and the finely detailed classical motifs,” Duncan reminisces.

Timeless design never goes out of style

“There are beautiful things to be found in every period, and there’s often a creative spirit that connects all of them that we like – a bit of wit, a colour, a material or an emotion,” says Duncan.

When styling your own home, you don’t need to fill it exclusively with new objects, or old objects. Mixing and matching new and old can really add a sense of personality to a house – just go with your gut and develop a style you love, with objects you love.
Charlotte tells us that a home has a sense of luxury when “a space feels harmonious and considered in its execution.” So, throw out the rulebook and start styling your own way.

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