It’s completely alright to be a minimalist – unless it’s Christmas! 

At Christmas we go all out, and that means colour, glitter, sparkles, confetti and anything else that makes us smile big. 
The holidays are all about spending time with our loved ones and showing them how much they are appreciated. But even love can be stylish, don’t you think?
Royal Albert will be your perfect Christmas companion this season, whether you want it as a special gift for someone (or be cheeky and get it for yourself!) or to create a magical and cosy afternoon tea at home. Combine pieces from different ranges Royal Albert has to offer and create something unique to you. Explore the Miranda Kerr collection for an extra girly touch, Vintage Mix for a romantic feel or Old Country Roses for added timeless sophistication.
Styling tip: No limits! Release your inner child, let yourself go and remember that nobody can be grumpy with sparkles, cupcakes and flowers around! 

Merry Christmas!