Guide to Jasperware

Jasperware - arguably Josiah Wedgwood’s most important contribution to ceramic art and the foundation for our iconic Wedgwood Blue. Being such an integral part of our Wedgwood story, we are frequently asked questions about the admired material, from care guidance to the history and the making.

Here we take the opportunity to answer your questions about our esteemed Jasperware.

A Jasperware bowl in the making in Barlaston

Does Wedgwood still make Jasperware?

Many consider Jasper to be the epitome of Wedgwood’s career, reflecting his innovation, creativity and determination. As such we are proudly still producing Jasperware today at our home (and Josiah’s home county) of Staffordshire, England.
A Jasperware flower vase in the making

Featured Jasperware collections still carefully handcrafted by expert artisans in Barlaston include:

Josiah’s eldest son, John Wedgwood, expressed a deep interest in botany and horticulture, even co-founding the Royal Horticulture Society in 1804. The Jasperware products crafted today reflect this passion from the past, whilst being contemporary enough to allow Jasperware to sit in homes, showcasing blooming botanicals in modern day.

Burlington Pots

Flower pots made out of Jasperware
Our Burlington Pots developed in collaboration with Laura Cavendish, Countess of Burlington, draw inspiration from the Wedgwood focus on craftsmanship. These pots are a beautiful nod to our rich heritage and each piece is a unique piece of art, with each plant pot hand-stamped with its size. 

Each piece is wonderfully unique, as the two colours of jasper body layer together and twist while moulded into shape. This process of creation allows for each piece to remain individual, lovingly handmade with natural and authentic sensibility.

Jasper Folia Vases and Pots

A flower vase on a black sidetable
Our Jasper Folia Pots and Vases are a modern twist on the material, using solid earthy colour and utilising texture and tactility. Creations like Jasper Folia are proof that we continue to innovate, using the timeless principles and techniques discovered by our founder many years ago.

How do you care for Wedgwood Jasperware?

Magnolia Blossom vases

Many ask how to care for Jasperware, and whether you can wash Jasperware, given that it is a high fired stoneware. The following care guidance is advisable as the preferable way to maintain Jasperware:

  • Washing pieces with warm soapy water, using either a soft nail brush or toothbrush for areas that may be very dirty or stained (such as the white ornamentation) 
  • After, rinse the items with clean warm water and leave to air-dry. 

However, it is important to note that before undertaking this process, it is recommended to examine the piece of Jasperware to ensure that it has not been glued or repaired, or that any of the bas-relief ornaments have 'lifted'.

Can water be used in Wedgwood Jasperware vases and pots?

Magnolia Blossom vase
The Wedgwood Jasperware vases and pots detailed above are both beautifully crafted and functional, with the ability to hold water to support flowers.

Are there any other important caring instructions for Jasperware?

It is important to be aware to never use Jasperware in a microwave oven, conventional oven or refrigerator. Sudden changes of temperature may cause cracking or breakage to the material.

Where can I buy Wedgwood Jasperware?

Blue and white patterned vases on a black shelf
Browse our collections online if you would like to discover the latest Jasperware available. A true staple of our story, Jasperware is a creative and curious addition to home interior – iconising our signature Wedgwood Blue, while holding the story of our great founder and master potter, Josiah Wedgwood.

Where it all began… a journey back to the birth of Jasper

Jasperware was the direct result of over 5,000 carefully recorded experiments undertaken over a period of several years. Developed by late 1774, Jasperware comprised a dense white stoneware which accepted colours throughout the entire body.

When was ‘Wedgwood Blue’ born?

Jasperware colour palette
By December 1774 Wedgwood had 'no doubt of being able to give a fine white composition any tint of fine blue.' And by January 1775 the stage was set for blue Jasper: 'The blue body I am likewise absolute in of almost any shade, and have likewise a beautiful Sea Green and several other colours.'

Read more about our iconic Wedgwood Blue that continues to inspire around the world here.