Alternative Ways To Decorate With Christmas Ornaments Beyond The Christmas Tree

This Christmas, create an entrancing aesthetic throughout your home by decorating with beautiful baubles and ornaments in innovative new ways.

Here, we'll unveil expert tips for decorating without a tree, allowing you to maximize the space you have and explore imaginative uses for your cherished ornaments. Whether it's revamping entranceways or transforming dining areas, adorning these spaces with Christmas ornaments presents an opportunity to establish fresh traditions with loved ones, fostering deeper connections during this cherished season.

Add ornaments to your Christmas wreath

By choosing designer ornaments crafted from premium materials, you can transform your wreath into a unique work of art. To make your Christmas wreath come to life, thread the ribbons of surplus ornaments through the wreath to give it color and character.

You can choose ornaments based on a theme, such as a winter wonderland with motifs of snowflakes, snowmen and reindeer. Or, you could decorate your wreath with ornaments which reflect the spirit of Christmas, with miniature presents, angels and nativity scenes.

Personalizing your wreath with ornaments is a wonderful and simple way to decorate for Christmas without a tree. You might also like to incorporate a number of customized wreaths throughout your home, to continue the festive aesthetic.

Another option for those wondering how to hang ornaments without a tree is to secure a number of wreaths horizontally across the ceiling, to create an attractive halo pattern. Exquisite ornaments can then be hung from the wreaths, for a visually striking overhead display.

Welcome loved ones with a festive set-up
in the entryway

Using extra ornaments to build a decorative display in your entryway is a heartwarming way to welcome loved ones into your home. This will set the tone for what’s to follow, with guests feeling like they’re entering into a gorgeous sanctuary.

  • Discover how to decorate with Christmas ornaments in ways that are innovative and fresh:
  • Around door frames: Frame the entrance to your home with a plush garland by affixing hooks at the top corners. From here, you can adorn the garland with precious Christmas balls, and other decorations such as string lights.
  • From light fittings: This works especially well if you have pendant lights or chandeliers in your home. Matching baubles are a great choice for light fittings, and you can hang them at various lengths for a playful aesthetic. 

Using decorative vases: Use flower pots to create festive displays using tree branches. Natural branches are great if you can source them, but you can also use stylish artificial alternatives. Add small ornaments to each branch for a charming and decorative touch.


Decorate the mantel

If your home has a mantelpiece, you can use hand-decorated Christmas ornaments to enhance the festive ambience. Here are some tips for creating a beautiful Christmas display around your fireplace:

  • Standing ornaments: Place your beautiful standing ornaments on the top of the mantel to create an enchanting Christmas scene. Creative options include festive snowglobes, standing Christmas tree ornaments, and porcelain houses – perfect for holding twinkling lights on Christmas evenings.
  • Personalized Christmas garland: Drape a quality Christmas garland over your mantel, and secure with hooks. Then, you can decorate with your favorite ornaments, which can be woven through the garland with ribbons.
  • Christmas stockings: This beloved tradition can be made more luxurious by using handmade stockings that have been personalized with each family member’s name. Designer tea cups and mugs make excellent stocking fillers, as do engraved crystal gifts.

Elevate the dinner table with
lavish ornaments

The Christmas dinner table provides a canvas for creative expression – there are so many ways to make it beautiful and an extension of your own discerning style. For those wondering what to do with extra Christmas ornaments, the dining table provides a central focal point, immersing your guests in a sense of splendor.

Here are some great ways to enliven your dining table this Christmas:

  • Decorative centerpieces: Carefully arrange Christmas baubles in a luxury serving bowl to create a stunning table centerpiece. Standing porcelain decorations can also be positioned towards the center of the table as a festive focal point.
  • Floral arrangements: Display sumptuous bunches of seasonal flowers in gorgeous vases. You might also like to consider incorporating decorative branches adorned with baubles.
  • Napkin weights: Weigh down napkins at the dining table with porcelain Christmas ornaments. For an extra special touch, guests could take the ornaments home as a memento of the day.
  • Placeholders: If your ornaments feature satin hanging ribbons, attach name tags to them so your guests can discover where they will be sitting when they admire your beautifully decorated Christmas table.

Christmas gatherings are where cherished memories are made, and traditions are honored and passed on. For more inspiration, visit our guide: Christmas table setting ideas for the festive season.

Tap into your inner creativity and craft a wondrous atmosphere that is uniquely yours. Explore the Wedgwood Christmas hub to see our full range of accessories for festive decorating and entertaining.