Let's Toast To Great Christmas Champagne Flutes

The most iconic moment of any celebratory occasion - popping the champagne!

This is the perfect opportunity to have a check-in with your extended family and friends on Zoom (wherever they are in the world) and share this special moment together. Everyone can pop a bottle of their favourite sparkling tipple in unison and spend a few moments reflecting and sharing on the moments they have been grateful for this year.
In terms of your beverages, why not enjoy a little extra decadence and experiment with bold new flavours and additions to the crisp, quintessential champagne. Our Vera Wang Globe Flutes (pictured above) are perfect for serving champagne cocktails that are laced with sweetness and decadence, whether it’s an Aperol Spritz with Prosecco or a Pineapple Mimosa to go alongside your special breakfast moment.
Along the theme of ‘embracing the new’, gone are the days of having one set of matching champagne glasses that sat gathering dust in the kitchen cupboard until that special occasion. If there is one thing this year has taught us it’s that every day should be celebrated, so choose your favourites and mix and match your Wedgwood champagne glasses to suit your unique style (and then use them every day!)