Empowering people

Encouraging people to take agency and letting them express themselves in a world that is dictating taste and putting people in the same mold.

Promoting creativity

Providing tools and ingredients for play, expression and self-development.

Challenging disposability

Wedgwood objects are to become significant allowing them to take different roles over time, and follow the owner throughout their life.

Fiskars Group & Sustainability

Our vision integrates sustainability into everything we do and gives us the opportunity to take meaningful action. We continue to embed sustainability more deeply into our strategy and explore the opportunities there are in making the everyday extraordinary not just now, but in the future as well.

The three main Fiskars Group sustainability commitments are to be a carbon-neutral business, offer circular products and services, and to have a positive impact. You can read about all things-sustainability in more depth in the 2019 Sustainability Report.