Celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee

This year we celebrate Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. To mark the occasion, and celebrate 70 years of dedicated service, we take a journey back into the Wedgwood archive. Join us as we travel back to 1955, when Queen Elizabeth visited the Wedgwood factory in Barlaston.

The Queen visiting the Wedgwood HQ

Queen Elizabeth’s 1955 Visit to Barlaston

The Queen visiting the Wedgwood factory workers
Here Queen Elizabeth watches the iconic Jasper material during the crafting process. The man in the picture is ornamenting – he is delicately laying the white figures on a Jasper plate.

If you take a closer look, you will see vases in the background with the Dancing Hours relief, this is another example of how ornamentation can be applied to create a beautiful and timeless Jasperware piece.

Barlaston is still home to our world-renowned Jasper material, which was created by our founder Josiah Wedgwood at the start of the Wedgwood journey all those years ago.
The Queen visiting Wedgwood's factory
The pattern being worked on in the forefront of this archive image is a hunting scene, and if you pay close attention to the square dish and plates being decorated in the background, you will see the Appledore pattern.

The Appledore pattern was gifted to the Queen during this 1955 visit. See the full Appledore set below in all its glory, along with Sir John Wedgwood.

History with the Royal Family

The Queen visiting Wedgwood's factory
Wedgwood shares a rich history with the world’s Royal families, beginning with Queen Charlotte who ordered Wedgwood creamware, which coined the phrase ‘Queensware’. 

Fast forward to 1995, and Wedgwood was granted the Royal Warrant from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. A mark of recognition of those who have supplied goods or services to the Royal Households for at least five years.

Over the years Wedgwood has taken pride in commemorating significant Royal occasions, take this delightful example from 1953. Eric Owens modelled this portrait medallion of the Queen, in Jasper material, to commemorate her Coronation.
The Queen medallion
Images: copyright Fiskars