There’s an art to code mixing, but that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to master. It can be as simple as mixing and matching old and new, bold patterns with simple designs, plus different fabric and surface textures. Gone are the days of matching furniture, colour schemes and décor together, now your home is a blank canvas for you to put your own unique stamp on. Try code mixing in your own home and embrace the eclectic.

Mix and match to style your home

Code mixing comes naturally to our Tastemaker, Alex Eagle, so we asked her for her top tips on transforming a cookie-cutter house into an eclectic home.
“Don’t worry about matching as in the end the most cohesive thing in the home is that you love every object. Mixing and mismatching patterns and styles can make a space feel unique and personal to you.”

Your tastes, your way

When it comes to code mixing in your own home, it’s best to borrow, steal and be inspired by other interior trends, rather than following a prescribed visual recipe in the latest home decor magazine. “I get inspiration from everywhere. I always have a pile of books for reference that I pick up and dip into whenever I need,” Eagle tells us.

The art of mixing old and new

Above, Alex Eagle balances a fruit-filled Queen’s WareOrange Bowl on a collection of coffee table books, creating a point of visual interest that mixes modern interiors elements with a design that is over 250 years old.
“A mix of old and new is a quintessential part of English style and modern living.”
Mixing new and old objects in your home can create an eclectic décor you’re happy with. There’s no need to go out and buy brand-new furniture and decorative pieces that have matching colours, designs and textures – contrast is king when code mixing.

Adding Wedgwood to your home

Wedgwood doesn’t have to be justafternoon tea and fine dining.Our timeless designs and quirky patterns mean we fit into your home in the most creative of ways, creating an eclectic edge to any room. For example, Alex Eagle took our Wild Strawberry Salad Bowl and repurposed it to hold her favourite Polaroids.

Embrace the eclectic, practice the art of code mixing and join an ever-growing population of Eclectic Originals by welcoming Wedgwood into your home.


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