Tea Tips: Enjoy A Tea Ceremony With Miranda Kerr

“So my favourite time and place to have a cup of tea is normally outside, just like this, while the kids are napping. I get to take a moment for me. It’s almost like a little reset. You know – use it almost like a mini meditation. Even if it’s just five minutes.”

Tea. Everyone loves tea. Well at least we do! Whether you drink it from a Royal Albert tea cup, tea mug or straight from the tea pot (!) we all have our own way of doing things, but do you know where the ritual of drinking tea comes from, how many types of teas there are and how to host your very own tea ceremony? Read on to find out more… We may even throw in some tea tips along the way!

Tea Ceremony Trend

Did you know there’s a new type of tea party in town? Traditional afternoon tea can be quite formal and sometimes stressful (with us always eating one too many sandwiches or cakes), so why not try a relaxing tea ceremony instead? Our friend Miranda Kerr is a huge fan of tea and tea ceremonies, hosting her own last year with her closest friends at home in her garden.
"One time I had a special tea ceremony with about ten of my friends and we all sat around and did a tea ceremony and meditation, and it was really something that I'll never forget. It was very calming, it was outside, involved lots of tea and being present with each other and enjoying the moment.”

Bottomless tea, blankets and your BFFs – does life get any better than that? Biscuits maybe?

Miranda Kerr's Tea Tips

Want some top tips from our favourite supermodel on the types of tea to try and how to drink them? Here’s what Miranda says:

Which Tea Is Good For Skin?

Tea is good for health and your skin, which is why green tea is a key ingredient of Miranda’s KORA Organic Skincare products! Known for numerous wellness benefits such helping you relax, hydration and topping up your antioxidants – these are just a few examples of why tea is good for you. Read the KORA tea blog to find out more and browse cleansers, creams and lotions containing the magic ingredient that is green tea.

Tea Facts

  • Tea was often chewed before we drank it from a cup.
  • According to folklore, how tea was discovered was when some tea bush leaves blew into water that was boiling, to purify it for Emperor Shen Nong to drink.
  • There are several different types of teas but what you may not know is that they all come from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis. The difference lies in how the leaves are treated after they’re harvested – all tea leaves are withered, rolled, and heated but additional steps at certain stages will produce different varieties of tea, and that is how tea is made!
  • The main tea types are black, white, green, yellow and oolong. How many of these tea names have you heard of or sampled? 
  • A lot of herbal teas are actually ‘tisanes’, as they include ingredients like herbs, spices and berries rather than traditional tea leaves!
  • Miranda Kerr always packs her tea cup when she’s on the road, so she can enjoy the perfect cup of tea wherever she may be.
Tea and cake, tea with milk, tea with honey… Get out your Miranda Kerr teapot and make sure to tag us in all of your tea ceremonies, tea parties and tea for one on Instagram! 

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