Wedgwood Reward Vouchers

We provide exclusive reward vouchers to online account members, with three tiers determined by your online purchases during the accrual period. These vouchers are issued twice per year and can be used towards future orders.

Please be aware that 30 June is the final date you can make purchases that count towards August Reward Vouchers.

How It Works

Your voucher amount will be based on your purchases over the past 6 months as shown in the table below. Purchases made between January and June will be eligible for vouchers issued in August, whereas purchases made between July and December will qualify for rewards vouchers issued in February.     

  Your purchases Your voucher 
$250   $15
$500 → 
 $1000+  →   $100


You can use your personal rewards voucher towards any product on our site. When shopping online, sign-in and your active rewards voucher will be waiting for you at checkout. Rewards vouchers are valid at only.

Rewards vouchers that aren’t redeemed can’t be transferred to the next period. Accrued purchases are also non-transferable. Rewards vouchers may not apply to some campaigns.

Purchases made with your voucher will not be counted towards the total value used to determine your next rewards voucher. Your voucher cannot be redeemed for cash.

Still Have Questions?

Below we have answered some of the most common questions related to our Voucher benefits

As a Wedgwood member, every purchase you make counts towards your six-month purchase total, which is the basis for Wedgwood vouchers issued in February and August. The first accrual period of the year runs from January to June and the second from July to December. The purchases you make within these six (6) months count towards the value of the voucher as follows:

  • Purchases of at least $250 in six months – voucher value: $15
  • Purchases of at least $500 in six months – voucher value: $50
  • Purchases of $1,000 or more in six months – voucher value: $100

Vouchers issued in February are valid until the end of June, and vouchers issued in August are valid until the end of December.

Once you’re logged into the web store, you can check the value of your voucher on the ‘My Account’ page and in your shopping cart. To apply your voucher to a purchase, go to the checkout, and the open balance of your active reward voucher will be automatically deducted from the total sum of your order. (Vouchers can’t be applied towards shipping costs.)

The voucher is personalized, and its value is connected to your membership profile.

When you wish to use your voucher, sign in before making the purchase.

No change is returned when using a voucher; any remaining value is available for use for future purchases as long as the voucher is valid.

The voucher does not count towards the purchases that determine the value of your next voucher, and it cannot be redeemed in cash.

If the voucher is not used within the valid period, the total value of accrued purchases will not be carried forward to the next period, and the voucher will expire. Vouchers can only be used to pay for products. Vouchers cannot be used to purchase gift cards or to pay for delivery or other services available on the web store.