Wedgwood meets the world of interiors

Introducing a new world of iconic pattern, where past meets present, curiosity meets creativity, and Wedgwood meets Clarke & Clarke.

A harmonious and yet a colourful bedroom with patterned textiles

Heritage, eclecticism and a colourful archive of wondrous creations collide in new fabrics, wallpaper and home accessories for daringly beautiful designs in botanically inspired prints. Discover the new collection of Botanical Wonders, for Wedgwood by Clarke and Clarke.

Inspired by our most-loved collections, see how your favourite Wonderlust pattern now delights on striking fabric, and go wild for our quintessentially English Wild Strawberry pattern now reimagined in a range of colourways for your walls.

Green and yellow patterned wallpaper in the background of a colourful livingroom

Here we catch up with Rebekah Roberts, Clarke & Clarke’s Homeware Design Manager, who talks to us about inspiration from the Wedgwood archive, maximalism, and taking Wedgwood to wonder-filled interior spaces.

These designs were heavily inspired by patterns from the Wedgwood archive, but how did you decide which new elements and details to develop? Talk us through your process.

There are so many beautiful patterns to work with the selection process was a lot of fun. It was important for the collection to be diverse, allowing people to be playful with design, colour and pattern. Creating a look that is truly unique to them.

Pink and green patterned bedroom textiles

This new Botanical Wonders collection draws inspiration from nature, what else inspires you when designing and creating?

I take a lot of inspiration from art, design and fashion. I’ve always been particularly drawn to vintage aesthetics and skilled craftsmanship.

Which is your favourite piece from the Wedgwood by Clarke & Clarke collection?

Waterlily, as it embodies the true characteristics of the collection. It’s an enchanting pattern taken from the archive and redesigned with curious cranes and butterflies, now it has a whimsical feel with a nod to its horticultural inspiration.

Wedgwood's colourful patterns on bedroom textiles

Which pattern did you enjoy developing the most, and why?

I loved working with Wild Strawberry, a true Wedgwood icon. The Noir embroidered velvet is so opulent, the use of the bold colour gives a quintessentially English pattern a daring twist.

Neutral coloured vases with a colourful wallpaper in the background

This collection includes of a lot of bold, maximalist prints – do you think this trend is here to stay?

Maximalism is here to stay. People have spent more time in their homes over the last few years, with that has come the confidence to experiment. More is more, there are no rules, surround yourself with the things you love.

How would you encourage people to style these designs – are you a fan of pattern on pattern or would you suggest choosing one hero pattern to focus on in a room?

This collection lends itself to the confident clashing of decorative pattern and carefree use of colour, I couldn’t possibly choose just one design!

Colourful pattern trays and plates on a colourful wall
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