Our breakage warranty applies to Wedgwood products purchased after 19th January 2024 that have been registered on within 6 months of purchase, and which have been bought from our own online shop at This breakage warranty is only available for members who have registered an online account. Some Wedgwood products and all Royal Albert products are not covered by this breakage warranty, see the complete list of collections and products excluded from the warranty.

The breakage warranty period starts from the date of purchase and is valid for registered products for 12 months. This breakage warranty can only be used once per registered product, and only for the specific number of products purchased - e.g., if 12 products were purchased and registered, only 12 claims for replacement can be made. Replacement products which have been received after claiming a warranty are not covered by the breakage warranty and thus, they do not need to be registered on If a registered product is no longer in production, Wedgwood may replace the product with a product that it deems, in its sole discretion, to be substantially similar to the registered product.

This breakage warranty applies to purchases made for personal or household use and can only be used by members who have registered an online account and are acting in their personal capacity. Business and/or commercial purchases and uses are not covered by this breakage warranty, and businesses or commercial entities are ineligible to use the warranty. This breakage warranty only provides a replacement for goods and does not offer a refund for money. We will determine delivery times upon validating a warranty claim.

Wedgwood can, without prior notice and in its sole discretion, terminate or revise this breakage warranty at any time. All purchases made and registered as required before the effective termination or revision date will be covered for the full breakage warranty period from the date of purchase. Termination of this breakage warranty will only affect purchases made after the effective termination date. Claims are subject to the breakage warranty terms in effect at the time claim is made.

This breakage warranty is provided by the manufacturer and is additional to, and has no effect on, warranties provided by the reseller, nor does it restrict or replace any legal warranties that a consumer may be entitled to pursuant to applicable law.