Our Iconic Wedgwood Blue – Inspiring Bridgerton

The iconic Wedgwood blue… let us introduce you to a very important part of our story.

Wedgwood Blue Jasperware plates
It first came to be while Josiah Wedgwood was originally crafting our famous ceramic Jasperware years ago. The iconic light blue jasper he developed gave rise to the expression "Wedgwood Blue" and the hue remains a recognisable Wedgwood signature worldwide.

History of Wedgwood blue

Wedgwood Blue Jasperware colour palette
The Wedgwood blue colour was created during Josiah Wedgwood’s trials while he was developing Jasperware - he carried out many experiments, grinding colours to achieve a range of hues. At the time, the choice of colours for jasper was dictated largely by the shades most favoured for neo-classical interiors by the modish architects, particularly Adam and Wyatt.
Wedgwood Floretine Turquoise collection
White, blue and green were the first to be developed as grounds for cameos and Josiah soon followed with bas reliefs and plaques. Other colours - black, lilac and yellow - soon appeared, along with multi-coloured items, but the blue became world renowned. 

"The blue body I am likewise absolute in of almost an y shade, & likewise a beautiful Sea Green, & several other colours, for grounds to Cameo's, Intaglio's &c", wrote Josiah Wedgwood to Thomas Bentley on 1 January 1775.

Wedgwood blue continues to inspire

Wedgwood Burlington Pots made out of Jasperware
Wedgwood blue continues to inspire around the world. From home interiors, lifestyle and fashion to the more recent Bridgerton boom on Netflix. The symbolic pale blue colour palette represents history, timeless style and understated elegance. The set of the home in Bridgerton is even described as, ‘like being inside a piece of Wedgwood ceramic’. The soft blues and creams mirror subtle elegancy and high society, something which has carried through generations.

Where Wedgwood Blue features