5 Christmas Trends For The 2021 Festive Season

If you’re looking for inspiration in the lead up to the festive season, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled the top 5 Christmas decorating trends we’re expecting to see in 2021, from nostalgic throwbacks to neutral colours.

Jasperware home decorations on a shelf

1. Sustainability

A woman holding two blue and white Christmas baubles in her hands
Before you rush out to buy a swathe of new decorations, browse through your collection from previous years and think about what you can recycle. Not only is it more sustainable than overhauling the Christmas tree every year, but mixing and matching the old with the new allows you to create a more eclectic look. 

Steadily adding to an existing collection is also a great way to build a unique set of decorations that speaks to individual and family identity. String up some shiny new baubles next to ornaments from years past and give your tree a sense of history.

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2. Nostalgic Christmas Decor

Christmas gifts and gift boxes in neutral colours
With the past eighteen months having tested us all, we’re yearning to return to simpler times this Christmas. That’s why we’re also predicting a return to nostalgic decor that swaps flashy ornamentation for homely classics. Think illustrated wrapping paper, handmade decorations from the art classroom, and even the charmingly gaudy glitter of tinsel. Like a soothing drink in front of the fireplace, it’s a sure way to create a warm and welcoming Christmas that feels like home.

3. Neutral Christmas Colours

Home decorations in neutral blue and beige colours
With the steady shift toward greener and more sustainable ways of living, we’re also expecting to see the Christmas colour palette follow suit. Classically festive reds and greens will take on an organic feel, with ochre, umber, and deep forest tones making an appearance. Pair these colours with blue & white baubles and ornaments for a striking look.

4. Holiday Homewares

Grey and white Christmas table setting style
Now that we can once again share in the joy of Christmas with friends and family, casual drop-ins and get-togethers are set to become a mainstay of the holiday season. Cue the scent of sumptuous home baking, and more than a few afternoon teas that spill into the evening. 

Serve up a classic Christmas pudding or cake with Wedgwood’s artful cake knives and cake stands, and pour an afternoon cup of tea for guests in style with classic English teaware. After all, not every Christmas get-together needs to be a lavish banquet dinner. It’s the company that matters.

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5. The Christmas Table

Red and white Christmas table setting style
While the Christmas spread has traditionally been dominated by festively themed tableware, we’re expecting to see a return to basics this year. In an effort to save on cupboard space, more home entertainers are looking to classic, timeless tableware that can be used for special occasions throughout the year - as opposed to Christmas alone.

But this doesn’t mean your table needs to lack holiday cheer. Complement it with Christmas accessories or some of our Folia vases and mini pots filled with Mistletoe and Holly to keep the festive feel.

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