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Welcome to the home of daring curiosity

We are the home of daring curiosity. A tea party like no other. At Wedgwood, we embrace the Art of Entertaining. Entertain yourself, or with guests, with food and conversation - show us your individual way.

How to Wedgwood

Before you can fully understand Wedgwood, you'll need to know how to Wedgwood. Let’s explain:
Welcome to Wedgwood Rule 1

Rule 1: Indulge

One mustn't deprive themselves of the finer things in life. An extra biscuit, why not?

Welcome to Wedgwood rule 2

Rule 2: Create

Life's too short to be black and white. So when in doubt, add a little colour to it.

Welcome to Wedgwood rule 3

Rule 3: Be yourself

Bold, not bland. Curious, not coy. Daring, not dull.

Welcome to Wedgwood rule 4

Rule 4: Entertain

Entertain yourself, entertain others, dress up, dress down. Live. Isn't that the whole point?

Welcome to Wedgwood.

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Discover unexplored patterns with new Wonderlust

Inspired by the wonders of nature, a world of imagination, and the Wedgwood patterns of the past, the new Wonderlust collection encounters curious creatures and celebrates the brightest flora and fauna from around the globe.