Welcome to Wedgwood, Claire Luxton

Let us take you on a journey… discover our latest collaboration and explore what happens when new Wonderlust patterns meet the imagination of artist, Claire Luxton.

Claire Luxton in front of her mural
A British contemporary multi-disciplinary artist working with photography, installation, poetry and painting, Claire drew inspiration from our six new Wonderlust patterns to create a remarkable multi-dimensional installation artwork.
Claire Luxton Mural Dawn Flight

Using florals, botanicals and live animals, the artwork featured sculptural, collage, photographic and hand painted techniques.

The finished three dimensional sculpture was photographed in over thirty different sections, with Claire then digitally stitching the artwork together in hundreds of layers before applying hand finished details, including water droplets and images of real life poison dart frogs.

Claire Luxton's mural on a light red wall behind light red furniture
A true world of wonder, designed to bring these curious and colourful Wonderlust patterns to life in an awe-inspiring way!

Claire Luxton meets Feathr

On completion of Claire’s spectacular artwork, artisan wallpaper company and exclusive Wedgwood retail partner, Feathr, reproduced Claire’s design as a 6x3 metre wall mural that can be purchased.

Feathr work with a global community of independent artists, curating and commissioning a stunning range of artworks to create wallpapers and wall murals. As Tom Puukko, Founder of Feathr says “We believe art is for everyone and art should be everywhere.” At Wedgwood we whole-heartedly agree.

Having worked with Claire Luxton in the past, Feathr introduced Claire to Wedgwood, with the belief that her aesthetic and experience designing large format artworks, combined with her multi-disciplinary vision and creative sensibility, were the perfect match to reimagine our little worlds of wonder.

Claire Luxton's mural as part of colourful home interior

Available in two colour options, Dawn Flight and Dusk Flight, the wallpaper mural is an outstanding piece filled with curiosity, colour and imagination. A wonderfully eclectic piece of artwork to liven any home setting.

Available for worldwide delivery, shop the mural now from Feathr.

Inspired by six new Wonderlust patterns

New Wonderlust pattern plates

Building on the already popular Wonderlust collection, let us introduce you to six new patterns, all of which inspired Claire’s magnificent artwork. 

Welcome to six new worlds of wonder; Sapphire Garden, Waterlily, Golden Parrot, Pink Lotus, Menagerie and Emerald Forest.  Each with their own intriguing story, these bold, new patterns feature curious creatures, the brightest flora and fauna from around the globe, and blooming botanicals plucked straight from the Wedgwood archives.

Claire Luxton mural parrot

Designed to add adventurous patterns and a splash of inspirational colour to your home, experience the joy and excitement of new discoveries when you sit down to afternoon tea with Wonderlust.

Discover more about the creative process behind Claire Luxton's creation as she sits down with Harper's Bazaar UK - 'Claire Luxton’s new mural is an artist’s love letter to nature'.

Discover new Wonderlust patterns