Royal Albert’s Guide to Cottagecore

Colourful and floral teaware in a picnic table setting

What is Cottagecore?

A wonderful trend that some Royal Albert fans will already be familiar with… the cottagecore trend embraces maximalism, while adding a delightful vintage twist. Transporting you back to simpler times, where afternoons were spent baking sweet treats, homes felt cosy, and we all felt a little more connected to nature. 

Find out how to recreate this well-loved look in Royal Albert’s Guide to Cottagecore.

How to achieve the Cottagecore trend?

Floral plates and white flowers in a basket
If you love vintage finds, floral patterns, crochet, and a lot of teacups then you’ll be well on your way to creating a successful cottagecore look. Here we’ll walk you through some simple steps to get your cottagecore journey well on its way.

1. Embrace the organic colour palette

Floral plates and teaware on a wooden breakfast tray
An important part of cottagecore is the connection back to nature, and this can be easily achieved through the use of neutral tones and earthy colour palettes. Our Old Country Roses pattern looks even better on a backdrop of natural wood, and the colour accents of the roses provide a bright pop of colour without being overwhelming.

2. Decorate with teacups

Colourful floral teacups in a pile
Another acquired taste of cottagecore trend is a cluttered aesthetic to create that cosy feeling of home. It can be hard to get this element right, as there’s a fine line between cosy clutter and untidiness, but open shelves are a wonderful way to style this perfectly.
Colourful teaware on a kitchen shelg

Line open shelves with teacups and teapots and decorate your rooms with Royal Albert patterns. Choose your favourite pattern from the 100 Years of Royal Albert collection to begin, or mix and match patterns from the collection inspired by different decades. 

With ten patterns in the 100 Years of Royal Albert collection, you could even pick a pattern to showcase per room!

3. Use floral patterns in cottagecore homes

Floral cottagecore inspired teaware

Floral patterns and other botanical touches sit just right in a cottagecore home. Potted plants of varying sizes add a welcoming link to nature, while floral patterns on a wall or floor can add a generous serving of maximalism.

Another way to use floral patterns is through cottagecore inspired tea sets. Not only for the beautiful pattern, but also for the stories that old tea sets and teapots can tell. 

Add pieces into your homes that spark conversation when guests visit – perhaps they were something that used to be in your grandparents home, or maybe you picked that old teapot up on a sunny day vintage shopping? 

Founded in 1904, our cups and saucers have plenty of stories to tell over an afternoon tea. The Miranda Kerr Friendship collection was even inspired by afternoons spent drinking tea with her own grandmother.

4. Mix and match for a style unique to you

A mixed and match floral breakfast setting

Be sure to make your cottagecore home unique by mixing and matching your favourite colours and patterns. Choose pale pinks if you prefer to keep muted tones throughout – our Rose Confetti collection of teaware is perfect for this. 

If you prefer to embrace the pastel colours of cottagecore,  our Polka Blue and Polka Rose patterns fit the bill - the two patterns easily mix and match too!

5. Take a trip to a vintage market

Outside picnic with Royal Albert teaware
Vintage inspiration is a huge part of cottagecore style, and like most Royal Albert collectors will already know, there are plenty of collectors items and pieces to be found in vintage markets. Mix and match vintage finds with modern-day inspiration for the ultimate cottagecore look.

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