Breakfast served on fine bone china Wedgwood dinnerware

A guide to mix and match tableware

There’s no definitive guide on how to mix and match a table setting as it varies from person to person depending on their tastes. In the guide below, we’ve sought to give you the inspiration you need to create your own unique mix and match table setting using the collections you love.

Our handy tips and suggestions should give you the creative spark and foundation you need to begin mixing and matching your favourite collections for a truly eclectic look.

Use colour to link your pieces together

When mixing different patterns of tableware together, it’s important to keep a common colour accent between each piece to tie the entire table setting together. 

  • For example, mixing Florentine Turquoise with Renaissance Gold is simple as both patterns predominantly feature tones of blue.
  • An even bolder mix would be to layer the verdant greens of the Wonderlust pattern Emerald Forest with the bold colours of Jasper Conran Chinoiserie White.
  • A great place to begin mixing and matching is to use a base layer of white tableware, such as Gio. This simple foundation can then have more colourful patterns mixed on top to create a unique look with stunning contrast.

Mixing and matching colourful patterned tableware together

When mixing colours, keep in mind that some colours work together better than others. Some classic combinations are:

  • Blue and white
  • Red and white
  • Red and gold
  • Yellow and gold

Add interest with a mix of plate and bowl shapes

When mixing and matching your tableware, it’s important to keep in mind the shapes of your plates and bowls. At Wedgwood, we have a variety of iconic shapes that provide interesting contrast and design that create eye-catching table settings.

  • If you’re more of a traditionalist, the classic Rimmed Shape provides a broad, flat rim that showcases the pattern of the collection, perfect for bold contemporary patterns as well as simplistic traditional ones. A few favourite collections that use the Rimmed Shape are Renaissance Gold and Red, Intaglio and Wild Strawberry (as well as many more).
White and red Christmas tableware
  • For a more modern look, the Coupe Shape has a wonderfully elegant curve with a small internal rim, providing the perfect base for an all over patterned design. Some favourite collections that utilise this more modern Coupe Shape are Gio and Wonderlust.
White and grey breakfast table setting

Mix pattern and texture for a truly unique setting

A mixture of patterns and texture creates an interesting and unique setting for your table. Experimenting with different patterns and collections can uncover some interesting and eye-catching mixes, so don’t be afraid to express yourself and change it up if you think it isn’t working.

  • When mixing textures, it can be as simple as layering a textured or embossed pattern such as Intaglio and Gio with the smooth finish of Vera Wang Venato Imperial.
  • Mixing and matching tableware patterns can be an artform in itself, but don’t worry if you don’t know where to start with when creating your own mix and match look. Start small and add accent pieces to your current table setting, such as adding a Wild Strawberry Teacup and Saucer to your Wonderlust tea story.
A mix of different colours of teaware on a white table
  • Once you have the confidence and eye for patterns and colours, creating your own mix and match look can be very rewarding and always guarantees to stamp a unique style on your table.

Give your setting a finishing flourish with intricate details

Creating a table setting that really shines doesn’t have to be difficult. To take your table setting to the next level and to really stand out and wow your guests, then consider adding the finer accoutrements.

  • Serveware pieces such as sauce boats, serving platters, cake stands, sugar bowls and creamers can really improve your hosting skills. Not only are these items useful when it comes to entertaining at a dinner party or afternoon tea, these smaller or more unusual items can be a great way to add an injection of colour or texture with a mix and matched collection.
Red and Gold table setting with Renaissance Red collection
  • A fantastic way to put a unique spin on your table setting is to use vintage pieces or unusual hand-me-down décor items you have inherited. This repurposing of vintage objects will add your own fingerprint to your table top style – and is a great way to make your home décor more sustainable, which will decrease your carbon footprint.


Have you got a unique mix and match table setting you’re proud of? Tag our Instagram @wedgwood and we’ll share the best looks!