Wedding Photo Ideas to Frame and Display at Home

While most wedding photos look best in a wedding photo album, there are some that deserve to be on full display throughout your home with stunning wedding photo frames to match.

We’ve suggested the top six wedding photos to print or pull from your wedding photo albums, along with framing and placement tips, to make sure you’re always reminded of your big day.

Vera Wang wedding photo frames

1. Portrait wedding photos

Your portrait photograph should focus on you as a couple. Your wedding photographer will find some time after the ceremony to capture these more intimate moments before you entertain your guests.

Frame the memory

With its elegant silver plated finish and decorative beading, the Simply Wish wedding photo frame complements the timeless love of your portrait. Try placing it in hidden or unconventional spaces so you’ll be reminded of those sacred memories during your routine moments each day.

2. Intimate wedding photos

Often, the best wedding photos capture candid and intimate moments outside the plan. Give your photographer free rein and you’ll be surprised by the natural beauty and emotion they find throughout the day.
An intimate wedding photo on a bedside table

Frame the memory

The romantic silver of the Grosgrain wedding photo frame makes it an ideal choice for protecting your intimate memories of the day.  Display it on a bedside table or in private spaces such as your dressing room or study.

3. The wedding dress photo

Try taking a photo of the wedding dress from the back to capture the train and form of the dress. You could also take close-up shots to focus on any detailing of the dress, or complement it with your bouquet.
Family photos on a bedside table

Frame the memory

The eye-catching black enamel of the With Love frame will ensure your dress gets the attention it deserves. As a celebration of beauty, there’s no better place for it than a dressing room, mantelpiece or sideboard.

4. Bridesmaids, flower girls, and groomsmen

Plan at least one classic portrait of the wedding party, but also get your photographer to take more candid shots to capture individual personalities. Whether it be with the bridesmaids or groomsmen, the wedding party is a valued cultural tradition that deserves to be remembered.
A family photo in a silver frame

Frame the memory

The sterling silver bows of the Love Knots wedding photo frame celebrate unbreakable bonds with loved ones. Dot them throughout your home so you’re always surrounded by your nearest and dearest.

5. The bouquet photo

Spotlight the beauty of your floral arrangements by taking a photo of them on display as part of your table decorations or hold your bouquet against your wedding dress to enhance the colours that defined your special day.
Flower themed photos in silver frames

Frame the memory

The Vera Infinity frame ensures the bright, floral memories live forever, with an endless braided rope motif stretching above the bouquet. Reserve it for light-filled indoor spaces such as windowsills or hallways and put a vase of fresh flowers alongside it.

6. Don’t forget the wedding invitation

It’s a heartfelt memento of your wedding day, so keep an invitation in a frame that’s just as beautiful. The Grosgrain and Infinity double frames allow you to place an invitation alongside another photo - such as a bouquet shot or couple portrait.
Wedding photos and a cake slice on a table

Gifting a wedding photo frame

A framed wedding photograph makes a wonderful gift to the happy couple. Choose the perfect frame from our wedding photo frame selection to match the newlywed couple’s personality and encapsulate one of their most treasured memories.


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