Christmas 2020 Advent Calendar Book

Whether you’re going for a vintage look, keeping up with family traditions or putting your own spin on a modern look, all ornaments great and small take pride of place on the Christmas tree. Open our enchanting Advent Calendar Book and you’ll find a myriad of exquisite miniature blue and white decorations, each strung with a white satin ribbon and placed in individually numbered drawers. These include seasonal favourites, woodland animals and enchanting mini-replicas of Wedgwood’s most iconic pieces (including a Mini Jasper Portland Vase) creating a truly magical countdown to Christmas. Day by day, you’ll build a collection of our little blue and white surprises which can be used to decorate your tree or home every year. Build the excitement for the big day with 24 miniature Christmas decorations, but remember – no peeking!

For more details about the miniature decorations, see the list below.


  • Designed by Wedgwood
  • Part of the Wedgwood Holiday collection. Complete the set or mix and match with other Wedgwood collections for a unique look
  • Our Porcelain looks fantastic and provides superior strength
  • Blue is the main colour of this item
  • Featuring a beautiful Festive, Classic, Artisan pattern
  • Perfect to create a Traditional look in your home
  • Lovingly packaged in a beautiful Wedgwood presentation box


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The 24 miniature Christmas decorations

Mini Blue Snowflake

The delicate, intricate design makes this blue and white porcelain snowflake a thing of beauty.

Mini Teddy Bear

Teddy bears have been a favourite Christmas gift for generations and this miniature decoration with pure white porcelain fur and adorable Wedgwood blue paws is sure to become a new favourite on your tree.

Venus Bust

A classical beauty crafted in white porcelain, the Roman Goddess of Love will spread joy throughout your home

Mini Portland Vase

An enchanting miniature of the most iconic of Wedgwood’s creations in classic blue and white porcelain, the Portland Vase is famous worldwide for its neo-classical bas relief designs.

Mini Cameo Reindeer

One of St Nick’s trusty reindeer celebrated in a charming blue and white cameo. Can you hear the sleigh bells?

Mini Owl

The wise winter owl, crafted in beautifully detailed white porcelain, sits on a bed of pine and holly branches and surveys the winter wonderland.

Joy Mini Bauble

The pure happiness of Christmas encapsulated in one word. An exquisitely crafted mini bauble in Wedgwood blue and decorated with frosted holly, berries, ivy and fir cones.

Mini Star

The Three Wise Men’s GPS and a traditional symbol of Christmas, crafted into a miniature blue porcelain decoration outlined in white. Finished with holly, berries, ivy and fir cones.

Mini Stocking

This beautifully detailed blue and white porcelain stocking is bursting with presents just waiting to be opened… but you’ll have to wait!

Mini 18th Century Pitcher

Another charming classic from Wedgwood’s past, this beautifully shaped pitcher is lovingly created in blue porcelain.

Mini Christmas Tree

The showstopping centrepiece of the festive season, intricately crafted in blue and white porcelain with added detailing, right down to the star, tinsel and baubles.

Mini Borghese Vase

Adapted from the original 1790 design, the Borghese Vase is a ‘wow’ piece and the pinnacle of decorative jasperware. The amazing skills of our craftsmen have created this tiny blue and white porcelain pedestal vase in all its intricate neo-classical glory.

Mini Angel

 A reminder to be nice and not naughty, the flowing robe of this classical angel in white porcelain is accented by a signature Wedgwood blue sash.

Mini Traditional Coffee Pot

A tiny piece of Wedgwood history beautifully created in blue porcelain. This classic ‘Globe’ coffee pot came long before fancy cafetières.

Mini Squirrel

An exquisitely crafted white porcelain squirrel clutching an acorn. A charming winter creature, best known for scampering through the snow.

Noel Mini Bauble

A word that literally means “Christmas season”, made into a beautiful Wedgwood blue porcelain bauble and completed with frosted holly, ivy and fir cones.

White Snowflake

Shaped like a delicate crystal and made of white porcelain, this exquisitely patterned snowflake is finished with blue detailing.

Mini Skater

This charming miniature white porcelain skater sums up the fun of winter, wrapped up against the cold with her Wedgwood blue hat, scarf and mittens. She’s ready to impress with a triple axel.

Peace Mini Bauble

Something we all wish for at Christmas, this lovely blue porcelain bauble spells out the word Peace in white letters, decorated with frosted holly, berries, ivy and fir cones.

Mini Georgian House

Inspired by the architecture of Josiah’s era, this elegant house in white porcelain, with authentic historic detail, is probably Grade 1 listed.

White Mini Star

Usually perched on top of the Christmas tree, this pure white pierced porcelain star with its Wedgwood blue outline is decorated with clusters of frosted holly, berries, ivy and pinecones.

Mini Teapot

This must-have whimsical reference to one of Wedgwood’s best-selling, quintessentially English pieces is immaculately detailed in white porcelain. The British do love their tea!

Mini Panther Vase

Another Wedgwood Prestige masterpiece made into a beautiful miniature vase striped in blue and white. Finished with a 2020 plaque and signature white porcelain handles rising from the shoulders in the form of panthers’ heads.

Mini Present

What would Christmas be without the giving and receiving of gifts? For December 24th a miniature of our iconic Wedgwood blue gift box, complete with white porcelain bow, is ready to be opened early in excitement!

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