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The Wedgwood ultimate candle gifting guide

Is there anything that says ‘Christmas’ more than a set of gorgeous Christmas candles burning romantically amidst a festive dinner table setting?

Or, a room filled with the spicy scent of nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger as Christmas candles burn atop a fireplace, with delicately (or perhaps not-so-delicately) wrapped gifts lovingly placed at the bottom of a tree?

Christmas candles are a favourite gift during the snowy season, namely because there’s so much choice that you can find a design or scent that is loved by virtually anyone. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for gifting your family, friends or colleagues this year, Christmas candles are a present positively received by all.

However, so much choice when it comes to Christmas candles scents and designs can be overwhelming,. With this in mind, let’s take a look at how to choose the perfect Christmas candle for each of your recipients.

We’re certain you’ll be able to find a candle that will suit each individual’s taste and style perfectly, and one that will happily and warmly burn away in their home right into the new year.

The perfect candle for your home

The first step to choosing a fantastic Christmas candle is to consider the space that it might go in. Are you wanting to purchase a Christmas candle set that goes perfectly on your friend’s dinner table? Do you have a larger spot in mind in your mother-in-law’s home for a statement Christmas candle? Or are you buying a Christmas candle for your colleague and you’ve never visited their home?

Think about the size of the space that the Christmas candle will go in, as well as the interior design feel of the home. You don’t want to be buying a colourful and intricately patterned Christmas candle for your friend who is famous for favouring a clean, white, minimalist look, and you don’t want to be buying a sleek, metallic Christmas candle for your partner who has an eclectic, shabby-chic style home.
For a simplistic and modern candle that’s an all-rounder for any size space or interior design style, our White Folia Candle is a great choice. Filled with bamboo and green tea, this Christmas candle brings the best parts of nature indoors. It’s encapsulated in a wonderfully tactile pure bone china shape, decorated with a lush leaf pattern. Perfect for being centre stage on any mantel piece, no matter what’s surrounding it.

Which scent is right for you?

There are so many scents to choose from when it comes to Christmas candles scents. You can go wild with exotic scents like Sandalwood and Juniper or White Peony and Orange Blossom from our Wonderlust candle range. Alternatively, depending on the taste of the person you’re buying for, you can keep your Christmas candles scents classic with the fragrant smells of Festive Spices, Juniper and White Heather.
A handy tip here is to think of the kind of food the person you’re buying for enjoys eating. Do they prefer strong, smoky flavours? Fresh and fruity? Or soft and mild?

The ideal gift for all this Christmas

A fabulous gift idea for the ‘person who has it all’ (including their fair share of candles) is a Christmas candle holder. Purchasing a Christmas candle holder can be a good alternative to buying Christmas candles, as the recipient will be able to use it for many years to come and it’s more of a permanent gift.

For the friend, family or colleague who loves all things Christmas, our Winter White Lithophane is decorated with a beautiful silver Christmas tree and embellished with a silver scroll pattern around the base. The delicate fine bone china of the lithophane allows the warm flickering of a tealight to shine through, creating a gorgeously festive atmosphere in your loved one’s home. A great addition to any Christmas table, this lithophane comes wrapped up in the signature Wedgwood blue box - the perfect Christmas candle holder gift.

For the recipient who favours a more simplistic, contemporary style, our White Folia Large Lithophane is a stunning piece to gift that will be treasured for years to come. Featuring a beautifully striking textured leaf pattern, the translucent curved shape of this lithophane literally glows from within, creating an aura of calm that will give your loved one a break from life’s hectic pace. Also boxed in classic Wedgwood blue, it’s the perfect Christmas candle holder gift for a cherished person in your life.

If the person you’re buying for has a smaller space to work with for their gift, or if they’re an acquaintance and you don’t want to go ‘over the top’, a gift like a mini pot is a perfect idea to hold their favourite candles. Wedgwood mini pots are expertly crafted in our iconic Jasperware material, making them ideal for holding tealights (or keys, or pens, or succulents, or whatever!) They also come in Powder Pink, Dove Grey, Shadow Grey, Warm White and a 100% recycled version.

Why not indulge yourself

There is no home that wouldn’t suit a warm, glowing candle delicately placed on the table, mantelpiece or around the bath during a relaxation session. After you’ve finished purchasing Christmas candles and Christmas candle holders for your friends, family and colleagues, why not spoil yourself and choose some favourites for yourself?

Our Wonderlust candle range is full of amazing Christmas candles scents and gorgeously intricate designs on fine bone china, for the refined candle lover who enjoys an intriguing splash of colour. Indulge your senses with Red Berry and Apple, Lemongrass and Basil, Lotus and White Jasmine or Green Tea and Aloe

Light up your Christmas with Christmas candles from Wedgwood

Gifting a Christmas candle this year is the perfect way to light up the festive holiday season for a loved one. Explore the Wedgwood range to discover new Christmas candles scents and Christmas candle holders that will inspire and delight your senses.
Christmas can be super stressful – there’s the decorations to put up, lunch to prepare, friends and family to see… but most importantly, there’s gifts to be bought. To help ease the stresses of the festive period and to score maximum friend points when giving presents, find the perfect gifts among Royal Albert's delightful collections.