Chinese New Year Table Setting Ideas

Chinese New Year is a great holiday to spend quality time with family and friends, and is the perfect excuse to host a decadent meal that celebrates a new year full of hope and prosperity.
For inspiration on how to set your table for Chinese New Year (also known as Lunar New Year) follow our guide below for hints and tips.

The meaning behind Chinese New Year table decorations 

When setting the table for Chinese New Year, colour is king. Each element on your table should be chosen to attract good fortune, good health, prosperity and luck for the Lunar New Year.
Eating delicious, traditional meals with friends and family on Chinese New Year makes the table setting an important part of your celebrations.

What do you put on the table for Chinese New Year?

The choice is yours! You can go for traditional flowers such as cherry blossom, paper lanterns and  red candles on your tabletop to complement the plates and bowls you will use. Or let your imagination run wild and create your own tabletop look.
Plate, cup and cutlery on table

Incorporate gold and red for good fortune 

The colours red and gold are considered to be lucky and auspicious in China. Incorporating these two colours into your Chinese New Year decor will help to ensure your table setting rings in the new year in the best way.
Wedgwood’s Renaissance Red collection has been created with bold crimson and gold, which makes it a wonderful addition to your Chinese New Year dining celebrations. With a variety of plates, bowls and serveware, make it easy for your guests to grab as much delicious food as they desire.
The Wonderlust collection also has some beautifully crafted tableware pieces inspired by elegant Chinese flora and Chinoiserie patterns. Serve tea in an Orient Teacup and Saucer set to finish your celebrations.

Various cups and plated on a table

Embrace the Year of the Rabbit 

2023 welcomes the Year of the Rabbit, one of the luckiest animals in the Chinese Zodiac. The rabbit symbolises mercy, elegance and beauty, which goes hand in hand with our beautifully crafted collections of tableware and teaware.

Create a colourful centrepiece to place on your table

Creating a Chinese inspired centrepiece is a great way to bring health and attract good fortune in your Lunar New Year celebrations.
Using a Wedgwood fine bone china bowl, place red flowers, orange mandarins and bamboo in whatever arrangement you prefer. Not only will this look great on the table for everyone to admire, but it is a great way to get the kids involved also.

Other Chinese New Year table decoration ideas 

There are many other decorations you can add to your table setting to make it fit for the occasion. Mini kiat-kiat trees, gold trinkets and red envelopes are a great way to decorate your table. You could also incorporate rabbit figurines into your table setting to celebrate beginning of the Year of the Rabbit.

Make Your Chinese New Year celebrations extra special

There is no better way to celebrate welcoming a new year than by gifting your friends and family with a gift they will treasure forever. For Lunar New Year gift inspiration, check out our handy Lunar New Year gift guide and discover the perfect gift to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit.
Cup and a plate on table