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Discover our wonderful collection of Wedgwood buying guides, perfect for finding the right product and adding a stunning touch of Wedgwood to your home. From inspiration on decorative Tableware and beautiful Home Décor, to the contemporary Art of Code Mixing to create an eclectic look, you’ll find the ideal guide to suit your needs.

Featured guides

A pair of champagne flutes

A guide to champagne glasses

When it comes to champagne glasses, there are a whole array of shapes, sizes, designs and types to choose from. Each different style of champagne glass heightens your favourite sparkling wine, prosecco or champagne in a different way, so we’ve created a guide to help you choose the perfect glass.

A dinner setting featuring different plate types

A guide to plate sizes

There are many things to consider when buying new tableware. One of them is to consider what sizes and shapes of plates you want to have in your table setting. Read more in our guide to buying plates.

Earthy coloured vases filled with colourful flowers

A guide to choosing vase shapes and styles

If you’re interested in how best to arrange your flowers and what type of vase to use, we’ve created this simple guide.

White and red Christmas tableware

A guide to mix & match your table setting

Our guide to a code mixed table setting is the creative spark and foundation you need to begin mixing and matching your favourite collections for a truly eclectic look.

A woman holding a Wonderlust teacup filled with tea

A tea lovers guide to buying the best tea sets

Become the ultimate afternoon tea host with our teaware buying guide.

Wedgwood Gio Stone collection table setting

A guide to buying tableware

Let’s take a look at the best tableware materials, how to choose the best tableware set for your purposes, the beauty of mixing and matching tableware designs, and how to care properly for your tableware.

A Guide to Bone China

Read more about how to choose and care for your bone china in Wedgwood's Guide to Bone China.

The ultimate candle gifting guide

Let’s take a look at how to choose the perfect Christmas candle for each of your recipients.