Colour your summer

Florentine Colours is an imaginative reboot of a classic, a stirring collision of craft and color that will bring sunshine to your summer, whatever the weather.


Wedgwood prides itself on using classical inspiration for contemporary designs. Our proud heritage of innovation means we respect our past, but we do not live in it. We simply see it as fuel for our future.

 Reinterpreting an archival pattern for the modern world is a perfect illustration of how we look back to look forward.

Our bold new Florentine Colours Collection gives an exuberant new face to a much-loved classic, celebrating 150 years of the famous Florentine pattern and adding a dash of delightful style to your summer socialising.


The Florentine pattern first appears in our archives in 1874, the subject of numerous finely drawn and coloured sketches, but the pattern is actually inspired by the Majolica designs of the picturesque medieval mountain town of Urbino, in central Italy. 

The Urbino area is famous around the world for its Renaissance history, architecture and culture and is now designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 

The pattern was first used on Wedgwood pieces in 1931, with the seminal Florentine Turquoise shade designed by Wedgwood Art Director Victor Skellern in 1935. We have continued to develop the classic Florentine DNA over the years to meet the needs of successive generations. 

Now our designers have taken the original Florentine designs and reimagined them for today, injecting fresh energy, vibrancy and colour into classic forms. 

The result is these joyous collections, in six vivacious shades, which celebrate the heritage, craftsmanship and attention to detail that are enduring Wedgwood hallmarks. 


Sometimes monochrome is cool. But not in summer, which is all about brightness and warmth, colour and light. 

This is where Florentine Colours Collection comes into its own. 

Each crafted piece is ideal for enlivening your summer socialising, whether it be pool parties with friends, family barbecues or soirees after sundown. 

The colourways are made to match the mood. You could choose Turquoise for calmer, more reflective times or turn to Citron when you are looking to inject some brilliance and energy into your table setting. 

And the collection is not just about the big events. These designs are also perfect for those smaller, more personal moments taken for yourself: the quiet pre-dawn coffee, the relaxing al fresco lunch. 

We believe that, in life, all the details matter, and adding a flash of gorgeous Salmon to your teacup or powerful Marine to your evening dinnerware can transform a humdrum moment into something special for summer. 


Consider Florentine Colours a vehicle for emphatic self-expression. There are no rules. Feel free to mix and match these pieces as you see fit to curate your own personalised collection. 

You could team gentle Turquoise with heady Citron or blend bright Verde with luxurious Fuchsia. Be inspired, the choice is yours. 


Authenticity and integrity are foundations of our crafting philosophy.

We cut no corners and take no shortcuts. Quality is always paramount.

Wedgwood fine bone china is handmade by expert craftspeople in Stoke-on-Trent, England, our proud home for more than 250 years.


Explore the full collection today and start curating your own personal set for summer.