The perfect Christmas dining table with a twist

Are your friends and family going for glitz, glam and sparkle with champagne, oysters and glittery baubles? Or are you keeping it cosy and chill by settling down in your Christmas jumper in front of the fireplace with a mulled wine? While there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t combine the best of both worlds, choosing the ‘right’ pieces for your Christmas dinner table sets the tone for your Christmas night for reuniting with your family and friends.

Mix and match your Christmas dinner table’s design

Create a unique and flamboyant Christmas table by ripping up the rule book and mixing and matching patterned and plain china with brightly coloured accessories to bring joy and an unexpected twist to any festive occasion.

  • Starting from a base of white china (like Intaglio) and mixing with different patterned plates or bowls (Renaissance Gold and Anthemion Blue in this case), mix with what you may already own.
  • Alternatively, why not borrow your Aunty’s special serving bowl that only comes out at special times of the year?
  • Add that extra special touch of magic with some key items from our Winter White collection, which feature delicately detailed festive motifs.
  • Bring to the mix a brighter pop of colour with vibrant napkins and florals.
Mixing unexpected collections of tableware together allows you to mix exciting new pieces with items you already own, creating a new take on the traditional table setting (and keeping things sustainable!) This way, you can also start small with adding to your dinnerware collection, as there’s no need to go out and replace everything in one go. Instead, you can just add some of our Christmas Winter White collection to your mix to add a festive element to your table, for example.
Wedgwood’s Christmas survey shows that up to 25% of the respondents would consider a code mixed dinner table for this year’s Christmas in order to bring the table setting more personality. For an individual and unique look, and that brings inspiration and excitement to your Christmas table, we suggest code mixing with the Wedgwood range. You can choose to go bold, or keep things simple by only mixing two colours (the classic Wedgwood blue and white for example). Having less colours ‘in the mix’ creates greater visual harmony and a calmer ‘stage’ for you to add more patterns if you wish.

Tips for setting the perfect table this Christmas

Setting the perfect Christmas dinner table is an art in itself, and really plays a part in setting the theme and vibe for your special day. According to Wedgwood's Christmas survey, British people will invest more time on a family Christmas dinner this year than on other Christmas related activities and therefore many might want to invest some extra time in getting that perfect dinner table. We have collected some tips for inspiration when creating your perfect Christmas dining table setting:

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