Add sparkle to your Christmas tree

Is there anything more lovely than setting up a shiny, glowing, gorgeous smelling Christmas tree surrounded by friends and family? We seriously doubt it!

Amongst the madness of the holiday season are the special, quieter moments where we get to relax and enjoy spending time with our nearest and dearest. Spending an afternoon or evening setting up a Christmas tree is one of these moments, and we cherish them. Wedgwood's Christmas Survey results show that even if this past year has been very special and people may not get families and friends over to celebrate Christmas most of the survey respondents will still put up the tree and decorations as usual. Despite of the special circumstances people are still dedicated in creating that very special Christmas feeling in their homes.

If you are looking for some inspiration when it comes to decorating your Christmas tree this year, read on for Wedgwood’s top tips.

Decide on a colour scheme

Before you do anything, you might want to decide on a colour scheme for your Christmas tree. Note the emphasis on the word ‘might’ here, as it’s absolutely not necessary to have any kind of scheme assigned to your tree if you don’t want to.

Some classic Christmas tree colour schemes are: 

  • The classic red, green and white
  • Metallics - silver and gold
  • Red, blue and gold
  • Cool blue and white

However, you can also mix and match however you please, or go with a more creative and unconventional colour scheme:

  • Minimalist white and silver
  • Bold red, orange and pink
  • Stylish black and white
No matter what style or type of tree to decide to go for the classic Wedgwood ornaments would make the perfect addition to your tree. Some classics include our Sky at Night Bauble Ornament and our Christmas 2020 Peace Bauble Ornament
Gifting ornaments and baubles at Christmas time is a fantastic way to spread Christmas cheer amongst your family and friends and let them know how much you absolutely adore them. For the traditionalist in the family, go for this super cute Christmas 2020 Stocking Ornament. Or, for the major gift that will keep your family smiling through this year and many more, check out our Christmas 2020 Advent Calendar - stocked with a myriad of exquisite miniature blue and white decorations.

Why not ‘swap’ this Christmas

Another way to decorate your tree and secure yourself a rotation of new baubles and ornaments each year is to have an ornament gift swap. Ask each person to bring around an ornament or bauble that they’ve already used, and then take it in turns to pick your favourite. You can choose to have people purchase new ornaments or reuse old ones.
If you’re needing to pick up a new ornament to take to a swap, our Christmas 2020 Nativity Bauble Ornament and our Christmas 2020 Tree Ornaments are both guaranteed to be quick picks amongst your friends.

Celebrate those extra special years

There’s something special about taking the box of Christmas tree decorations out of the attic, out from underneath the stairs, out of the shed, or wherever you keep them, and getting to relive memories associated with those items.

Commemorate super special occasions amongst your family and friends by choosing to gift a bauble for those years that are extra special. For example, you could go with the Christmas 2020 Our First Christmas Ornament for happy newlyweds, or the Christmas 2020 Pink Baby’s First Ornament for new bubbas. Adorable.

Throw a decorating party

Another way to go about decorating your Christmas tree is to throw a decorating party, and lure family and friends over to help you decorate your tree with the promise of delicious food and drinks (served on Wedgwood China, of course). Ask each attendee to bring a decoration that they no longer use, and get them to pop it on your tree wherever their heart desires. Simple and effective!

Go classic Wedgwood

However you like to decorate your Christmas tree, there’s a reason to celebrate with the stunning Wedgwood collection of ornaments in classic Wedgwood blue and white. Our gorgeous range is handcrafted from pure white porcelain, meaning it will stay shining on your Christmas tree for decades to come - and what could be better than that?

Celebrate Christmas with Wedgwood. 

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